KLIK and Stampendous Blog Hop Projects

Lea Kimmel – KLIK It, KLIK it Good!

Pam Hornschu – Jewelry In A Snap

Pam Hornschu – Klik Klik Klik – BOOOOO!


Mona Lisa In Clay with Stampendous and Klik by Carmi Cimicata


Amy Hurley-Purdie – Klik Blog Hop Bracelet

Silhouette KLIK Necklace With Stampendous Glitters by Carmi Cimicata for Metal Complex

Klik and Stampendous Mica Fragment Bezels by Carmi Cimicata for Metal Complex

Jamie Martin Flower Bracelet Project

Jamie Martin – Butterfly Bracelet Theme

Janelle Stollfus – KLIK Bezel Blank Necklace

Tenia Nelson – Klik Necklace

Tenia Nelson – Klik Bracelet

We would like to extend our thank yous to all the bloggers who participated in this blog hop.  You have given everyone lots of inspiration for our KLIK components.

Provence Autumn Bracelet

With the cooler mornings I am day dreaming about France and the annual showing of fields of lavender in Provence.  I would really like to see this in person some day.

In the mean time, I can still add a little of the Provence feeling to my life with these stamped metal bracelets from Metal Complex.

My bookmark is the ideal artwork to permanently embed in resin.


I used Jewelry Resin for this project.  Once my images were placed in the open bezels and sealed with mod podge I poured resin into each opening.

The bracelet blank bottoms are not completely flat, so I suspended my bracelet this way before I poured in the resin.

You can do so much in these bracelets.  They are a blank canvas for your creativity.

Instant Glam Bezel and Vintage Paper

This drop shaped bezel is from the Instant Glam by Fernando collection from Metal Complex.

It is one of my favorite shapes from the Tuscany collection.

When I work in a special bezel I feel compelled to use something unique and special.  This vintage Notre Dame postcard was a risky selection.  The reason I say risky is because I planned to use my original (not a photocopy) AND the image was printed on a velum like paper.

I cut a template out of wax paper to act as my guide for cutting my image.

I write a lot of resin how-to posts for Resin Crafts Blog reminding you to seal your paper or fabric before you pour resin over it.  As you can see from the picture above, I used a paint brush to paint my sealer over my image.  I seal my image and then let the sealer/decoupage medium thoroughly dry before I add a second and third coat.Three coats is my recommendation for insuring that you image will not stain under a resin pour.

All of these sealers and decoupage mediums are in my studio.  Essentially they are a glue and a sealer.
I added some rhinestone chain to create this pretty edged effect.
My last step was to pour in Jewelry Resin.

Mad Max for Bead Style Magazine

In the current issue of BeadStyle magazine, Fernando DaSilva has another fantastic how-to project.

The Mad Max bracelet features our hand made Metal Complex bezel bracelet.

This bracelet is available in brass, antique brass and silver.  Fernando embedded beads and crystals into two-part epoxy clay to create this unique and “fierce” bracelet.  You can read all about it in the new issue.

Fernando also has a featured second version in the table of contents!

Bezel Lipped Pendants

The hand crafted bezel lipped pendants are stunning when you add imagery and resin.

For this pendant I selected an image from my digital artwork collection.  I cut it out and glued into my bezel.

I used a decoupage medium (mod podge or Aleen’s decoupage) to seal my paper.  I found this old rhinestone chain in my stash and cut it up to insert into the bezel as well.

When all the glue was dry I made a batch of Jewelry Resin.

When I poured the Jewelry Resin into my bezel I noticed that there were a number of air bubbles that needed popping.  This is because the rhinestone chain hides a lot of tiny air pockets.  I “babysat” the resin for almost an hour and popped any air bubbles that came to the surface by passing a lighter flame over the surface.