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Hot Pink Faux Suede Lacing

This simple but elegant bracelet features our Dazzle-it hot pink faux suede lacing and a knot.  Nancy Donaldson created this bracelet when I challenged her to use the lace and one of the knots featured in our Lovely Knots booklet. This … Continue reading

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Kumihimo Jewelry

This kumihimo necklace and bracelet was created with a combination of stringing materials. I used our classic kumihimo rattail, our Lovely Knots cord and some home dec embellished strands normally used for pillow making. You can create a kumihimo braid … Continue reading

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Glue In Clasps

Your kumihimo projects are about to become more beautiful. The new Dazzle-it magnetic ball clasps are a fantastic new way to finish your kumihimo braids. For my sample I gathered white, pink and yellow rattail and my Dazzle-it kumihimo disk. … Continue reading

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Kumihimo Glamour Belt By Fernando DaSilva

What a pleasure it is for me to post this sample today.  I am going to use a word I have never typed on this blog before:  BELT! Leave it to Fernando DaSilva to create a belt that would steal … Continue reading

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Dazzle-it Magnetic Clasps

I love everything shown in this picture of Fernando DaSilva’s newest necklace. This is Fernando’s way of introducing you to some of our new findings. The new magnetic clasp range is wonderful and I have started a new category on the sidebar … Continue reading

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