Flat Leather Collar Necklace


Nancy Donaldson made this collar necklace so that it could be worn in a number of ways.


The collar features our pink flat leather.


Nancy bent the end of the leather around her chain link and simply wire wrapped it closed with some aluminum wire.


The chain is showcasing a Dazzle-it Faux Suede pink tassel.  Many of the new tassels work beautifully with the flat leather collection.


The necklace can be worn long or short.


With so many colours (and new patterns) to choose from you’ll have no difficulty adding flat leather to your designs.

Flat Leather Inspiration From Fernando

Fernando DaSilva was the first designer to work with the new flat leather collection. Fernando is our Product Development & Creative Manager and I wanted you to see how he combined flat leather with our new clasps and closures.

With all these colours to choose from it will be easy to create a design for anyone.

This bracelet features one of our new decorate clasps.  The addition of of the jump rings makes it look totally unique.

The silver flat leather is accented here with fiber.

There are new tools in the Leather Works collection allowing you to cut into the leather.  I’ll be featuring them soon.

This bracelet is a combination of flat leather and suede lace.

The new Leather Works program launched two weeks ago.

Flat leather is in stock!

Flat Leather and Fancy Chain


This bracelet features two new lines we love; Flat Leather and Fancy Chain.


Today I am showing you the blue flat leather.  We have so many other colours to choose from too.


These bracelets can be made in no time with a metallic clasp you glue your flat leather into.


John Bead has several flat leather clasp designs as well.


What makes this bracelet special is how designer Nancy Donaldson added Fancy Chain to one edge of the flat leather.


The chain is pre linked with all the leaves.  It makes any design look complex and time consuming when you add it in.


Here is a peak at the Fancy Chain collection.

Flat Leather Bracelet Stack

This stack of bracelets is a wonderful way to show you how to use our new Metal Complex flat leather products.

We have a wonderful assortment of colours and for this project Nancy Donaldson chose to work with white, silver and snakeskin.

They can be worn together or separately.  They each feature one of our new faux suede tassels.

The tassels are also available in many wonderful colours.  For today’s stack, Nancy selected the white, silver and black tassels which feature a silver end cap.

The clasps are a wonderful addition to the design.  First, they are designed to work with the flat leather, so you just need to simply cut your leather and glue it into the clasp.  Second, their designs are unique and can be the focal point on a bracelet.

All the new clasps are available in gold, silver and gunmetal.

You can choose to work with magnetic or a simpler clasp closure.

These are so simple to make and very on trend!