Super Easy Fish Leather Pendant

There are a few products that need no embellishing to look beautiful.  Fish leather is just such a product.  On its own it is already unique and you can see gorgeous patterns.  My turtle pendant showcases this.

To make my perfect turtle I used a metal die that you can find in paper arts stores.  These dies are designed to cut paper but of course, they will cut fabric and even fish leather given the right pressure.

I don’t think I could have cut this shape with scissors.

The metal complex hole punching pliers made quick work of sorting our my jump ring attachments.

 I cut a second turtle from felt to line the reverse of my pendant.  This made the back very clean and finished.


Metal Stamping Tiered Pendant

One loyal friend is worth 1000 relatives!

I am feeling the need to stamp some words and quotes permanently onto metal blanks.  Happily Metal Complex has all I need to create some special pieces.

I used a marker to determine where I needed to punch each letter with my alphabet stamps.  I wanted to create a tiered pendant with three different sized blanks.

I used two stamp sets to create my quote:  Playground Lowercase and Modern Uppercase.  I used the letters “i and o” to stamp 1000.

After cleaning away my original markings the blanks looked super!  When I was sure they lined up and I marked my spots for the holes.

The Metal Complex round hole plier punch made quick work of this task!

A worthy message to wear if there ever was one!

Beaded Edge Cuff

This will be my last ultra suede cuff sample for a bit.  I hope you enjoyed the earlier posts too!

I am turning the new John Bead ultra suede strips into cuffs with crystal snaps.  The Crystal Applicator allows me to add a snap closure in just seconds.  The teal cuff looks just gorgeous with the addition of the snap closure.

I decided I wanted to bead the edges of this cuff.  I marked all the holes I would need because a needle does not pass through the suede easily…it is better to have a hole already in place.  Then I wondered, what could I use to make the holes quickly?

I used my Metal Complex plier circle hole punch to make all my holes!  It was so quick and easy.  The plier was designed to make holes in metal…so ultra suede was super easy to punch through!  I used SWAROVSKI PETROL BLUE beads and Dazzle-it SILK in Navy Blue to sew them in place.