The Making of Instant Glam by Fernando

Our first line of exclusive components named Instant Glam by Fernando brings a wave of fresh air and innovation to the do-it-yourself category.

When a singer records a new rendition of a standard song people start looking for all the possible changes that the artist added to the arrangement. We review things like melody, rhythm, phrasing, vibe and most important of all: performance. When a new rendition is done, with a new and distinct personality, that artist takes ownership of that song.

Metal Complex and Fernando DaSilva are like a newly recorded duet. They did not invent bezels or crystal rocks, however they created new pieces for the Instant Glam collection that are original. Their new and improved “rendition” features two components that go together but that still have versatile functions on their own.

Instant Glam bezels are unorthodox because they are large enough for a variety of techniques including working with polymer clay, resin, and two-part epoxy clays. If they were small, they wouldn’t lend themselves to these techniques as readily. They were intentionally designed to inspire designers to create big statement, eye-catching, bold and trendy pieces that deliver a red carpet look on a frugal budget.

The bezels are unique. The quality of the heavy zinc alloy cast is perfect for craft and jewelry use. There are six shapes available in two different finishes; silver and gunmetal.  If the silver finish appears too bright, you will be pleased to learn that the bezels readily take liver of sulphur or gilder’s paste for a more subtle finish.  The bezels also feature unique and detailed textures.  These special markings make Instant Glam™ bezels stand out from the others in the marketplace.

The matching shapes of crystal rocks; tres, arrow, drop, rectangle, quattro and diamond were designed by Fernando as well and made exclusively for Metal Complex by Swarovski Elements. Although the shapes have hot fix film on the reverse (making them easy to attach to fabric) they do require an adhesive to adhere them into the bezels. Simply apply a glue to the back of the crystal rock shape and set it into the bezel.  Naturally, the crystal rock shapes on their own can be used to embellish home décor items such as pillows, place mats and curtains with ease.

In a recent interview in “Salt” magazine, Donatella Versace said “…Swarovski Elements are a really powerful resource for me…Crystal adds instant glamour.” Coincidentally that is also one of the reasons for our Instant Glam™ line.  We want to empower any person to become a designer and to turn their ideas into a business with an easy-to-use components line. In few minutes a piece of jewelry can be created, and in few hours a jewelry collection can be assembled. Instant Glam becomes Instant Gratification!

Bring some of this “fresh air” to your customers by offering them components from Instant Glam™ by Fernando, now available through Metal Complex.

Fernando DaSilva

Designer and Product Development and Creative Manager

John Bead Corp.





Resin Repair

 You might be wondering why this fabulous Instant Glam bezel is appearing under the title “Resin Repair.”  It is a great example of how to fix a mistake.
Fernando Dasilva, the designer of Instant Glam, was working on many different samples for the launch of this new Tuscany bezel collection.  He added the leather embellishment to the bezel and poured in Jewelry Resin.
Then he discovered the “mistake.”
Overnight a little of the leather, which should have been completely encased in resin was sticking out of the surface.  It may not have bothered everyone…but Fernando and I both felt it was very visible.  Happily, I offered to REPAIR it!
All I did was sand the surface of the resin until it was even again.  See how scratched up I made it?  I sanded and sanded until the area the leather popped out of was smooth again.
Then I mixed a small batch of Jewelry Resin and painted a glaze layer onto the entire piece.
The scratch and sanding lines magically disappear!
Bezel saved!
Money saved!
Artwork Saved!
Learning how to repair a resin mishap will make working with resin less worrisome.
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