Instant Glam Bezel and Vintage Paper

This drop shaped bezel is from the Instant Glam by Fernando collection from Metal Complex.

It is one of my favorite shapes from the Tuscany collection.

When I work in a special bezel I feel compelled to use something unique and special.  This vintage Notre Dame postcard was a risky selection.  The reason I say risky is because I planned to use my original (not a photocopy) AND the image was printed on a velum like paper.

I cut a template out of wax paper to act as my guide for cutting my image.

I write a lot of resin how-to posts for Resin Crafts Blog reminding you to seal your paper or fabric before you pour resin over it.  As you can see from the picture above, I used a paint brush to paint my sealer over my image.  I seal my image and then let the sealer/decoupage medium thoroughly dry before I add a second and third coat.Three coats is my recommendation for insuring that you image will not stain under a resin pour.

All of these sealers and decoupage mediums are in my studio.  Essentially they are a glue and a sealer.
I added some rhinestone chain to create this pretty edged effect.
My last step was to pour in Jewelry Resin.

Instant Glam Bezels The Cover Story!

The current GLAMOUR  issue of Perles et cetera is on the stands and it features my Icon Inspiration Necklace for John Bead Corporation.

The article is in french, so I am going to share the article with you in English.

One of the hottest trends for fall/winter 2013 is a divine one with religious inspiration.  Byzantine icons, stained glass and the Maltese cross appeared on clothing, handbags and jewelry.  I clipped several fabulous examples and left them displayed in my studio.

I knew that somewhere in my studio was an icon image that would become the featured image for my necklace for this Perles et Cetera issue.

It took some time to find (because I do save everything) but I finally located a letter my husband had written to me several years ago.  The edge of the note had the perfect image!  The printed icon was quite large, so I decided to see if I could embed it in resin after dividing it between two large Instant Glam by Fernando rectangle bezels.

I carefully cut out my paper icon sections and sealed them into my bezels with glue.  I then made a small batch of Jewelry Resin (according to the manufacturers instructions) and poured it into my bezels.  I allowed this first layer of resin to cure for 48 hours.

I decided to add some extra paint lines and markings to the first cured layer of resin.

When the paint dots and dashes were dry, I painted a second layer of Jewelry Resin across the bezel surface.  This top layer of resin ensures that my own paint markings are completely covered in resin and cured in place permanently.

I did not have a plan or instructions to string two bezels into one focal piece.  I knew I would have to just gather some great crystals, chain and fibers and experiment with the design.

I started by wiring my two bezels together.  The backs of the Instant Glam bezels have two rings.  I knew they would help me to place my chain and beads too.

Working on the backside I was able to add and subtract beads.  This is the sort of free form jewelry making project when the only way to know if the necklace will work is by stopping to try it on regularly.  I wanted the bezels to sit quite high, so I needed a strong choker at the top to hold everything in place evenly.

I added seed bead chains through my chain to make it more glamorous.

The strung crystals and the seed bead chain looked quite beautiful by the time I was done.  I even made a dangle with some of my leftovers.  However, I felt as though the necklace needed more.

I pulled out some sari silk ribbon in colours that would match my featured icon.

I simply sewed my fibers in place and attached them to the body of the necklace.

I am quite thrilled with the Icon Inspiration necklace.  I can’t wait to wear it to a special event this holiday season!

John Bead Products Featured

The Bezels

Instant Glam by Fernando Tuscany Rectangle

Envirotex Jewelry Resin

Fire-polished 6mm White pearlized glass beads

Fire-polished 8mm Crystals AB glass beads

Platinum and orange Seed Bead Cube chain

Oval Cable Antique Silver Leaf Chain

Hook and Loop Clasp

Black Flat nose pliers

Other Jewelry Making Components Used

Wire to string beads.

Split Rings to attach strung beads to chain.

Wire Protectors and crimp tubes

Sari Ribbon

Carmi Cimicata is also the author and designer of Resin Crafts Blog where you can read hundreds of how-to articles about resin and how to work with it.

We Instant Glammed the Omar Dorsey Family!

At the Emmys Celebrity Gift Lounge last month we had the great pleasure to meet and “Instant Glam” Omar Dorsey and his family.  Omar is known for his featured appearances on Eastbound & Down, NCIS, CSI: NY,  Rake, Django Unchained, BONES, Rizzoli & Isles and Castle.

When I asked Fernando about this meeting he said “they were ultra nice…all of them got an Instant Glam necklace…Omar was surprised when I told him that I was going to make one for his little daughter, too.”

You can see that Omar loved the Instant Glam Tuscany 
Arrow and his wife chose the Instant Glam Tuscany Quatro bezel.

Fernando had the whole family working!  What a pleasure to meet such a wonderful family!

At The Emmys with AJ Buckley and James Madio

Here we have celebrity guests AJ Buckley, Fernando DaSilva and James Madio!

It was great to see these two friends sit down to make an Instant Glam statement necklace at the Emmys last month.

I can see that James is quite interested in the diamond bezel AJ selected to work with.

CSI: New York alum AJ Buckley has joined the cast of FX’s Justified. James Madio is known for his lead roles in the television miniseries Band of Brothers, in which he portrayed Frank Perconte.

Mekhi Phifer & Instant Glam

Mekhi Phifer was one of our favorite guest celebrities in our Emmy Gifting booth.  He was completely hands-on with our make and take.  Mekhi Phifer said about Instant Glam by Fernando: “This is a conversation piece.”  

We were so pleased that he wanted to make sure his wife had a necklace too!  Mr. Phifer is probably most recognizable for his starring role on the Emmy Award winning series, “ER.”

Instant Glam Bezel Ideas

The Instant Glam by Fernando bezels are easy to work in.  Fernando has showcased two fast and fun techniques in this photo.

Two Swarovski crystal rock appliques can be cut and combined in one bezel to create a gorgeous dual toned pendant.  These exclusive shapes were designed to work in the bezels.

Seed beads can be glued or embedded in resin to create a similar look.  Smaller pieces of a crystal applique can be applied over the seed beads for a dimensional look.


Tips For Cutting Fish Leather

Today on the Dazzle-it Blog I featured this leather kumihimo necklace.  It is showcasing our Instant Glam Arrow Bezel which was designed by Fernando DaSilva.

I chose to line the bezel with our Second Skin Fish Leather.  In order to cut a unique shape, I first photocopied my bezel so I had a paper pattern.

I cut out my paper template and tested it in my bezel to ensure it did indeed fit.

Then I taped the pattern to my fish leather.  The tape holds the paper in place making it easier to cut out.  You don’t have to worry about tape residue because you won’t be using the taped section.