Unfinished Kumihimo Projects

This tiered necklace is a collection of different strands.

It began with two unfinished Fernando DaSilva braids.

Fernando DaSilva is our Product Development & Creative Manager.  He makes so many samples!  I could just follow him around picking up leftovers.  These two pieces he whipped up and didn’t have time to finish, so I swooped them up!

The green and black beaded braid was too small for a necklace and too big for a bracelet, so I decided to incorporate it into a tiered necklace.  I made one extra 8-strand kumihimo braid to pull my idea together. The Dazzle-it rattail colour selection is so great!  I can usually match any colour palette.

I have shown you many time how easy it is to finish a kumihimo braid with our end caps and Quick Grip glue.

My braid simply frames Fernando’s beautifully beaded sample.

I then added the gold chain to complete the project.  Wait till you see what I am making with the second sample!  I’ll post it next week!

Kumihimo and Agate Slabs

Agate slabs or slices are a wonderful addition to a summer necklace.  These semi precious slices are available in many colours and ordinarily feature a pre drilled hole making them easy to add to a project.

My kumihimo braid features two of our Dazzle-it rattail colours and sea blue cotton wax cord.

I used the classic eight strand braiding technique that you receive with our Dazzle-it Disk instructions.

When you make a braid you will find it very helpful if you add a weight to the end.  It will help pull and keep your braid tight and straight while you work.

My finished braid looks wonderful!

I finished the ends with our Kumihimo endcaps.

I added a simple gold chain to lengthen my cord and this became ready to wear!

Flat Braid Kumihimo Tip

I wanted to share with you a tip for working with the waxed cotton cords and the flat braid.

The waxed cotton cord creates a much more open weave, so it is more likely to unravel when cut.

I attach a good double sided tape to my flat braid before I cut my cords.  That give me a good strong edge to place in the ribbon end cap.  If I had used glue, it may have stained the cord and become visible.

I taped the edges for both of these projects!

Here is a link to one of my favorite flat braids.