Focal Connectors Guide to Stitched Designs – Free John Bead Project PDF

John Bead Focal Connectors Guide for Stitched Designs

This handy guide introduces a few of the many ways you can turn our focal connector blanks into ends for your seed beaded work.

Best with 11/0 and 10/0 seed beads
2472413101-02Metal Blank 20 Gauge Brass Focal Connector, 21 x 10.5 x 0.8mm

Best with 8/0 seed beads
2472413101-03Metal Blank 18 Gauge Brass Focal Connector, 30 x 15 x 1mm

These connectors are great for brick stitch. You can also build other stitches from a first row of brick stitch, such as herringbone and peyote. This guide will show you how.  The PDF project directions work with both connectors using the seed bead size indicated for each above.

Metal Blank Connectors linked here.

New Miyuki beads with Czech coatings linked here.

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Danielle Wickes is John Bead’s Creative Director. She specializes in working with seed beads, bead-weaving, and looming, creating hand-knotted mala and yoga jewelry, crochet, and jewelry made with leather and wire.

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