Second Skin Fish Leather Ideas – Part One


Here you will see a fabulous collection of cuffs designed by Fernando Dasilva.


The patterns in the turquoise suede fish leather are showcased on this cuff.  The crystal rock diamond was applied with an iron.

This is the denim blue suede fish leather.




A Brass Cuff is the New Blank Canvas

Here is a brass embellished cuff to inspire you to have some fun.  This is the type of a cuff I would definitely wear!

The new brass cuffs at John Bead are quite elegant in their original state.  But who could leave them unadorned?

For this cuff I pulled out this tissue paper.

I mod podged the tissue to the cuff and lit it dry.

I also applied two layers of high gloss varnish to seal the paper.

Then out came my favorite glue!

I glued to the cuff metal flowers, crystals and rhinestone chain.

No matter what I do with a blank cuff I end up with a fun, unique (and inexpensive) bracelet!