Instant Glam Bezel and Vintage Paper

This drop shaped bezel is from the Instant Glam by Fernando collection from Metal Complex.

It is one of my favorite shapes from the Tuscany collection.

When I work in a special bezel I feel compelled to use something unique and special.  This vintage Notre Dame postcard was a risky selection.  The reason I say risky is because I planned to use my original (not a photocopy) AND the image was printed on a velum like paper.

I cut a template out of wax paper to act as my guide for cutting my image.

I write a lot of resin how-to posts for Resin Crafts Blog reminding you to seal your paper or fabric before you pour resin over it.  As you can see from the picture above, I used a paint brush to paint my sealer over my image.  I seal my image and then let the sealer/decoupage medium thoroughly dry before I add a second and third coat.Three coats is my recommendation for insuring that you image will not stain under a resin pour.

All of these sealers and decoupage mediums are in my studio.  Essentially they are a glue and a sealer.
I added some rhinestone chain to create this pretty edged effect.
My last step was to pour in Jewelry Resin.

Instant Glam and Vintage Parisian Paper

Earlier this week I posted a necklace featuring two rectangle Instant Glam by Fernando bezels.  I absolutely love the size and shape of these bezels and wanted to share with you a second project I just finished.

In the spring I purchased this vintage 1928 paper sampler in Paris.  I knew I would use if for special projects…so I didn’t worry about the price tag…..

I had already poured and allowed a layer of Jewelry Resin to cure in my bezel when I decided to add a few more gold lines and some sequins.  I poured a second doming layer of Jewelry Resin over this second layer of markings.

I was very happy with the bezel after the second pour cured.

My bezel colours were unusual so I decided to create a kumihimo braid to showcase it.  My stringing material included black rat tail, black leather cord and some metallic craft cord.

I used the attachments on the back of the bezel to hang my rectangle.

I finished it with a short chain so that it would be a choker.

This is my favorite bezel!

Jewelry Resin is easy to use.  It comes with instructions and mixing materials.

Handmade Bezel Love

This Metal Complex copper, hand made bezel with lip is the ideal frame to showcase the illustration of my puppy Magnus.  These special bezels look expensive and finished because of the extra lip detailing.  My puppy was nicely embedded in a layer of Jewelry Resin.

I used wire mesh and goat suede lace to make my necklace.

You can see many more Metal Complex bezel projects in the Gallery on the website:

Bezel Lipped Pendants

The hand crafted bezel lipped pendants are stunning when you add imagery and resin.

For this pendant I selected an image from my digital artwork collection.  I cut it out and glued into my bezel.

I used a decoupage medium (mod podge or Aleen’s decoupage) to seal my paper.  I found this old rhinestone chain in my stash and cut it up to insert into the bezel as well.

When all the glue was dry I made a batch of Jewelry Resin.

When I poured the Jewelry Resin into my bezel I noticed that there were a number of air bubbles that needed popping.  This is because the rhinestone chain hides a lot of tiny air pockets.  I “babysat” the resin for almost an hour and popped any air bubbles that came to the surface by passing a lighter flame over the surface.

Instant Glam Quattro Bezel

The shape of this new Instant Glam Quattro bezel encouraged me to think of a totally different way to place an image.  I think it highlights the areas of the image I loved the most; the necklace, dress and arm.

In order to cut out my image to size, I made a photocopy of my bezel and then used that as a template.

I also added some rhinestone chain for embellishment.  When I was happy with the placement and the glue was dry I poured in Jewelry Resin.

I have several options for how to wear this bezel.  The attachments on the back are ideal for connecting and for dangles.

Instant Glam – Tuscan Windows Necklace

I have been working in a new Instant Glam bezel.

I found this image of “Tuscan Windows” and thought they would look beautiful showcased in a rectangle bezel.  When you pour resin over paper, you need to do some work ahead of time.  I sealed the paper image with three different applications of a decoupage medium and let it dry clear.  Then I poured in Jewelry Resin.

The colours in the window scene are bright and colorful.  I had this special yarn in my personal collection and I was hoping to add it to a necklace.  This was my chance!

I set up my kumihimo disk with some of the yarn and some classic rattail for strength.

My braid was just what I was hoping for!

I finished my braids with silver endcaps.

I also added two different gunmetal chains to complete my necklace.

Sea Shell and Jewelry Resin

This Metal Complex bezel looks spectacular!  It looks like I spent a long time creating it.

This may be the simplest resin project ever!  John Bead sells these very special sheets of Decorative Sea Shell.  This natural ocean shell laminate is acid free and peel and stick!  All I did was cut a piece to fit my bezel and then I covered it with Jewelry Resin.

John Bead has Jewelry Resin in stock.  Jewelry Resin was created for the jewelry making industry.

Professional results are easy to achieve with EnviroTex® Jewelry Resin!  This product adds depth and crystal clear clarity like no other.  It visually enhances the surface on which it is applied, resulting in brighter, deeper and more intense colors.
EnviroTex® Jewelry Resin has amazing bubble release.
It is easy and fun to use and has a pleasing citrus scent!
(just during the mixing stage)
Formulated for high resistance to light exposure and UV rays from the sun.
When cured, the resin coating is extremely durable, waterproof, heat & chemical resistant.  EnviroTex® Jewelry Resin cures to a soft cure in 12 hours, medium cure in 24 hours and hard cure in 48 hours.

Crystal Clear
Heirloom Quality
Professional Jeweler’s Grade
Enough product to fill 20 large deep bezels
One thick coat equals 50 coats of varnish!

Resin Crafts blog has daily posts giving you ideas and tips to use this amazing resin.