New Semi-Precious Chips – Color Beyond Compare

Isn’t this strand spectacular?


We have new semi-precious chips packs in an artists palette of color options.

This collection is awash in supercharged colours.  

You’ll see earth-inspired colors, bright and bold, cool and luscious and candy colors.  Each grouping more beautiful than the next!

Semi-Precious Bracelet Stack!


The new semi-precious beads have brought so much fun and colour to my work table!  They need almost no embellishment.

I originally planned to just make one bracelet.  I gathered my Dazzle-it silk stretch bead cords and quickly made my first bracelet.

The Dazzle-it silk stretch cord is easy to knot and very comfortable to wear.

I had left over beads so I made a second bracelet.

The turquoise skulls have been calling me since I brought them home.  This little bracelet will be my summer go-to piece.

Together and stacked!

New Semi-Precious Beads This Spring

We have so new Dazzle-it beads that are bringing some much needed colour into my winter studio!

These multi coloured strands are semi precious beads.

Here is a closer look!

These beads were just what I needed to add some pops of colour to this kumihimo bracelet.

You may also purchase turquoise only strands.

Dazzle-it Semi Precious Agate and Wire Mesh


Artistic Wire Mesh is also now available at John Bead.

I used it in combination with the new wire wrappers to create this necklace.

If you have not worked with mesh before you’ll be happy to learn it is available in two sizes (18 and 10mm wide) and all the classic metallic colours.

For my necklace I used a number of fantatsic new items in the John Bead catalogue.

1.  New for Dazzle-It :  Rhodium/Teal Agate Nuggets.

2.  Artistic Wire Horseshoe shaped wrappers and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS burgandy blue briolettes.

3.  Silver Artistic Wire Mesh 10mmx1m Silver

4.  Gold Artistic Wire Mesh 18mmx1m Gold

I was very happy with my finished sample.  I did get lots of inspiration from Fernando Dasilva’s blog posts.  I picked three of his samples to show you.  Go to his blog to see them all. Then you will really want some wire mesh!

He used the mesh in a number of interesting ways which showcased the numerous different techniques you could experiment with.

I love how these big baubles are cradled in the mesh.

I thought his idea to fold the mesh was fantastic!  Isn’t this gorgeous?

Take a look at the wire mesh today!   You’ll think of all sorts of great ways to incorporate it into your jewelry designs!