Shells, Shells and More Shells!


I have had this huge assortment of shells from the Dazzle-It line on my table for weeks.  Realizing it was AUGUST I was suddenly wanting to create something ASAP to wear before summer was over.

I also had a package of three hole connectors that I have never used.  It was time for me to stop thinking single strand only!

I created a collage of strands.

These are shell beads – OVAL w/Centre Hole and I used the light gold.

These are called shell dice!  They are available in nine colours!

These irregular shell beads with holes are also in many colours.  I have used pink and purple already.  This is the natural strand.

Navette Shape Shell strands are in the catalog in eleven different colours.

I could not resist adding a little Swarovski crystal.

I used Dazzle-It 100% silk bead cord to string all my shells. I think I can say I am finally out of my single strand box!

Shell Flower Pendant

I have seen quite a few flowers made of shells in various magazines.  They look very pretty on a necklace.

John Bead has strands of natural shell chips.

I tried wire wrapping the chips into a floral shape..…but I wasn’t that happy with how it looked.

That is when I got my idea.  Why use wire when I can use clay?  I made a small ball of white Aves Apoxie Sculpt.

Then I built my flower,  I added some pointed back crystals and cut away some of the excess clay.  Apoxie Sculpt dries rock solid without a kiln.  All I had to do was leave my piece on a non-stick surface for a day.  I even inserted a wire so it could be easily strung later.

Now I have a great pendant to use with my next shell beading project!

The full strand of chips will allow me to make dozens of flowers if I want to!

Abalone Diamond Bracelet

For me, summer and shells go hand and hand.  I think that is why so many of us bring back shells from a Florida vacation.  We all try to keep summer a little longer.  This bracelet is a super way to showcase some of the shells in the John Bead catalog.


The shells are all diamond shaped, they are pre-drilled and are in various sizes on the strand.

To make life even easier, I used a Dazzle-It Chain Link bracelet.

A simple wire wrap attached my shells.

28 ga Artwire Non Tarnish works perfectly with the shells.  The wire is soft and easy to wrap without tools.  The best part about the shells is they look pretty from either side.

Hemp, Shells and Kumihimo!


It did not occur to me until a few days ago that shells might look fabulous with a kumihimo cord.  This strand of shells is such a gorgeous shade of purple and I didn’t have anything in my collection that would work with them.

For my kumihimo cord I used both rattail and hemp.  I have worked with the Dazzle-It Rattail since it arrived at John Bead.  The colour and size options are superb and I can virtually match any item I am working with.  (You can see that my purple shells inspired this colour grouping.)   I think the addition of hemp made my cord look even more interesting.

The John Bead kumihimo program continues to grow!  There are new tools which include pre-strung rattail on reusable bobbins.  That sure makes it easy to create wearable cords!

I used some hemp and a simple overhand knot to join my shells.

The purple shell beads come on an eight inch strand.

I used my kumihimo findings set for my closure.  I attached these to my kumihimo cord and then to my shells and my necklace was compete!

Hope you like it!