Snowflakes You Will Want to See!

Yesterday on the Dazzle-it blog I showed off the first snowflake I made with glass beads and the snowflake frames that are on sale right now.  Yesterday’s snowflake was pink and a very retro Christmas colour.  Today I am showing you my class Christmas colour scheme.

The red ornament was made with the smallest frame: 3.7 inches wide.

The beads featured are red coroline bronze donuts.

This is the nine inch frame.  I thought this turned out beautiful!

1.  Fire polished emerald beads.  2.  Glass Fancy oval bead. 3.  Green Wavy Icy glass beads.

My green snowflake with the pink one from yesterday’s post.  They look great stacked!

Snowflake Wire Frames-Now On Sale!

Here is another wonderful reason to collect beads!

John Bead has three sizes of snowflake wire frames.  All you do is add your favorite beads and then with a quick twist with a round nose plier your beads are held in place.

This is the prettiest snowflake!

I used pink glass beads.  Pink is a wonderful addition to a green Christmas tree.

Light pink matte firepolished beads.

 Dazzle-It Snowflake Frame 3.75in (8pcs)

Dazzle-It Snowflake Frame 6in (5pcs)

 Dazzle-It Snowflake Frame 9in (5pcs)