The Tassel Trend

Row 1: ZAC Zac Posen, Alexander McQueen, Dries-Van-Noten, Alexander McQueen, Proenza Schoule
Row 2: Lanvin , Lanvin, Ben-Amun, Suzi Roher, Vivien Frank Designs
Row 3: AOS, Car Shoe, JewelMint, Alexander McQueen, Lanvin
Row 4: Alexander McQueen, MOSCHINO, ROSANTICA Salvador, La Droguerie,

Everywhere I look I see a tassel!  Have you noticed this trend as well? It would seem that everything looks a little more finished and beautiful with the addition of either a small or large tassel.

So I am thrilled to showcase the new faux suede tassel collection that is now at John Bead!

Fernando DaSilva designed this new set of jewelry to introduce the line to you.  The tassels combined with kumihimo and our new fancy chain looks so luxurious.  These pieces will definitely take you from day time to night time.   We’ll be featuring lots of tassels in the weeks ahead.

How To Showcase a Leather Crimp

I made this sweet choker over the weekend.

I have been wanting to twist some wire flowers for a while and was not having much success with the final shapes.  Dazzle-It Aluminum wire is ideal for learning how to wire wrap.

Then it occurred to me that I might have more luck if I used a wig jig!

I really liked my new looped wire flowers!

This post was originally designed to showcase the leather crimps at John Bead!  They simple fold over the end of leather to create a very finished end.  I used Sea Green goat suede to finish my necklace.

A little crimping, some wire twisting and my choker was done!

My inspiration.  I saw this cute car antiquing this weekend and thought the colours were classic!

Beaded Edge Cuff

This will be my last ultra suede cuff sample for a bit.  I hope you enjoyed the earlier posts too!

I am turning the new John Bead ultra suede strips into cuffs with crystal snaps.  The Crystal Applicator allows me to add a snap closure in just seconds.  The teal cuff looks just gorgeous with the addition of the snap closure.

I decided I wanted to bead the edges of this cuff.  I marked all the holes I would need because a needle does not pass through the suede easily…it is better to have a hole already in place.  Then I wondered, what could I use to make the holes quickly?

I used my Metal Complex plier circle hole punch to make all my holes!  It was so quick and easy.  The plier was designed to make holes in metal…so ultra suede was super easy to punch through!  I used SWAROVSKI PETROL BLUE beads and Dazzle-it SILK in Navy Blue to sew them in place.

Pink Ultra Suede Cuff

This cuff would look spectacular on a sun tanned arm!  It is pretty and lightweight and ideal for summer time wardrobes.

If you are following the posts this week, I am turning the new ultra suede strips into cuffs with crystal snaps.  This the Crystal Applicator.

Some tips I can now share include the following.   ONE – I would add your crystal snaps at the start of your project.  This way you know that the closures are where they should be and that the cuff is wearable.  TWO – Use a pencil to mark the location of a floral element such as the one I am using.  I tried my cuff on and then marked the spot the flower should be attached.  THREE – Quick Grip works amazingly FAST on suede!  I removed the pin from the back of the flower so that it would be easier to glue in place.

There are new iron on crystals to work with too!  Preciosa HotFix are perfect to use with our Dazzle-It Hot Fix Applicator.  You just select the right tip to use with the matching iron-on crystal.

I created my design and then placed my tip over the crystal already in place on the suede.

This cuff looks perfect from the back and front!  The flower beaded brooches are available in eight colours.

More cuffs in the next few days!