Trend Alert – Are You Seeing Butterflies?

Left to right:
Leigh and Luca scarf, Brian Atwood Shoe, Sophia Webster boot
Alex Bittar brooch, Erickson Beamon necklace,
Erickson Beamon necklace, Tabitha Simmons shoe, Mattijs Necklace

I have been seeing butterflies everywhere I look right now.  Have you?

Entire butterflies, parts of butterflies and wings are constantly catching my eye.

They are being cut from so many different fibers and materials.

Naturally I am very interested in seeing anything that is jewelry related.

John Paul Gautier, Valentino, Valentino

The fashion imagery from Paris last week inspired me to take a closer look.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Isn’t this a showstopper?

Simple, elegant, collaged, photographed, beaded or metal.  No matter how butterflies are featured they are a wonderful addition to a design piece.

Butterflies also appear throughout the John Bead catalog.  A simple search request for butterfly gave me dozens of categories to choose from.  Here are just a few of my favorites.

Swarovski Beads, flat backs and pendants in dozens of colours and sizes.

Charms and pendants in various metallic colours.

There are butterfly trims.


You will find butterflies made from gem stones and pressed glass.

Metal blank butterflies are ideal to stamp words onto.

 There dozens of gorgeous sequinned and beaded motifs.  Costume designers love these.

You’ll even find butterflies in our craft area.  These are made from foam.

Instant Glam Bezel Ideas

The Instant Glam by Fernando bezels are easy to work in.  Fernando has showcased two fast and fun techniques in this photo.

Two Swarovski crystal rock appliques can be cut and combined in one bezel to create a gorgeous dual toned pendant.  These exclusive shapes were designed to work in the bezels.

Seed beads can be glued or embedded in resin to create a similar look.  Smaller pieces of a crystal applique can be applied over the seed beads for a dimensional look.


Instant Glam Quattro Bezel

This is a serious piece of eye candy from Fernando DaSilva!

Everything I love is in this necklace.  We have a kumihimo braid and fiber embellishments created with Dazzle-it rattail, new end caps, a Metal Complex Instant Glam Bezel, Dazzle-it semi-precious peace symbol beads and best of all; Astra Pink Swarovski Elements floating on a bed of clear resin.

Let’s take a closer look.

The Instant Glam “Quattro” silver bezel is showcasing a collection of Astral Pink Swarovski crystals.  They are suspended in place because Fernando placed them on a layer of Jewelry Resin.

The pink and yellow rattail looks fabulous in both the braid and knotted elements. You can see how Fernando is using some of the Chinese knots from his book to create new embellishments.

The peace beads are semi precious and were launched by Dazzle-it this spring.

Metal Complex Instant Glam “Quattro” bezel.

Crystal Astral Pink Bicones

Crystal Astral Pink Wild Heart

Crystal Astral Pink Twist Bead

New End Caps are beautifully featured in this closure.  Fernando always makes his necklaces look gorgeous even in areas that may not be seen.

Drops Of Love Bracelet by Fernando DaSilva


The John Bead show room is filled with wonderful examples of bead and jewelry making excellence.  Many of the samples are from Fernando DaSilva and he has provided John Bead with some instructions for some of his most popular pieces.   I’ll be sharing them here on the blog over the next few months.

Author: Fernando Dasilva for John Bead made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS™

Design title:  Drops of Love bracelet

Drops of Love features this gorgeous drop from Swarovski Elements.

What Fernando Used:

12 ruby SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS flat drops  347 6012 1005 501

12 antique silver vine briolette bails by TC – 9695 1945 668-12

6 bright rhodium 10mm TC rivet beads – TC# 94- 5745-12

12 bright rhodium 11mm TC rivet bead caps – TC# 94-5744-12

15 bright rhodium 10mm TC classic bead caps – TC# 94-5722 012

7 antique copper 10mm TC bead rivets – TC# 94-5745-18

12 non-tarnish 5.9mm silver Artistic Wire jump rings – 2280 0505-01

1 sterling silver snake chain– 9609 9000

1 sterling silver “LOVE” pendant – 9609 5061


Flat Nose Plier (745 27312) 


 1. Carefully insert one antique silver bail around a crystal drop. Use flat nose pliers to gently squeeze bail inside of crystal holes. Repeat this step with all the crystal drops and bails and set them aside.

 2. Open a jump ring and insert into loop of bail, made on previous step, then close jump ring. Repeat one jump ring to each crystal pendant and set aside.

 3. Unscrew the end of snake chain, then string beads on in the following pattern:

 1 rhodium rivet bead cap + 1 rhodium rivet bead + one rhodium rivet bead  + 1 crystal drop from step 2 + 1 classic bead cap + 1 copper rivet bead + 1 classic bead cap + 1 crystal drop + 1 rhodium rivet bead cap + 1 rhodium rivet bead  + 1 rhodium rivet bead cap + 1 crystal drop + 1 classic bead  cap + 1 rivet copper bead + 1 classic bead cap + 1 crystal drop + 1 classic bead cap + 1 rivet  copper bead + 1 classic bead cap + 1 crystal drop +1 rhodium rivet bead cap + 1 rhodium rivet bead + 1 rhodium rivet bead cap + 1 crystal drop.

 Repeat this pattern in reverse to complete the bracelet.

 4. Open a jump ring and insert the “love” pendant through the loop of the “l” letter and then slide onto the snake chain, followed by a classic bead cap with the opening towards the end of chain.

5. Screw the end of snake chain back in place.

Bezel Beauty!

The hand crafted Metal Complex Bezels are perhaps my favorite items to work with.  Since I really love working with Jewelry Resin, having having beautiful bezels is a must!  The “Lipped Bezels” always look expensive and well made.  You also have the option to decorate the edge with additional beading or wire wrapping techniques.

I made a unique and asymmetrical necklace to showcase this bezel.  I used:

Bronze Leaf Toggle

Swarovski Bicones

Swarovski Briolettes and

Aqua Black Dazzle-it Checker Beads

New Book Features Fernando DaSilva

There was a super book signing event at the Craft and Hobby Show Monday.   Lucky for me that I arrived when there were only two books left!  Crystal Jewelry Inspiration features the work of all the Swarovski Ambassadors.  Signing copies at the show are Debra Sheldon Saucier, Fernando DaSilva and Laura Ripley Timmons.

Crystal Jewelry Inspiration from the CREATE YOUR STYLE Ambassadors features projects from 30 of these talented designers from North America.