The Moon, Star and Sun Necklace

If you are still wondering what to do with a metal blank here is the perfect necklace to inspire you.  Hand crafted by Fernando Dasilva it features several of the popular metal blank shapes in the Metal Complex catalog.

We have two different star shapes and they are both available in gold, German Silver and brass.

The sun shape is also available in the three standard colours.

The Metal Complex texture hammer added the additional details to each blank on the necklace.

Linked chain allowed Fernando to space all his components.

A little difficult to see are the crystal moons.  They make this necklace catch even more light.

They are Swarovski pendants.


Happy Hammering!

Here is my first textured metal project!

I added texture to all these metal blanks in ten minutes!

There is nothing better than a new tool that just works.  No skill required.  Just hammer!

Within moments of opening my package I had new textured metal blanks.

I used my Metal Complex hole punch to make these holes.  I have mentioned that the punches go through the blanks as though they were paper.  Otherwise I would not even consider making so many holes.

I marked my holes with a sharpie so I could “sew” them together after punching the second blank’s holes.

Imagine all the options!