Dazzle-it Wire Napkin Ring – Second Design


There is something about red that just screams Christmas!

The shape of my napkin ring was created by wrapping 12 Gauge red Dazzle-it wire around a small bottle.

This time I had fun wrapping the main ring with just 18 guage red wire and no beads.  This secured the ring and quite frankly, looked super as-is!

I could not resist pulling out my bead boxes after my shape was set.

How could I resist this set of mixed red glass beads?  I continued to wrap wire and glass around my ring shape.

My festive place settings will be glittering!

The Beauty of Resin and Metal

I am quite certain that this pendant would stop anyone in their tracks.  It is truly beautiful and hand crafted by Nancy Donaldson.

Nancy was kind enough to show us what she used to make her pendants:  Jewelry Resin, Metal Complex Bezels and Dazzle-It Aluminum Wire.  Her own photography makes each pendant a work of art.

Thank you for sharing these images Nancy!

Dazzle-it Agate and Beadalon

Wire wrapping friends will be delighted to hear that John Bead has several new items in the warehouse.  For this sample I used 24 gauge square wire on a new Dazzle-It Botswana Agate Nugget.

Isn’t this a fabulous plier?  Beadalon has two new wire banding pliers which work beautifully with their square wire.  Each plier works with two sizes of wire.

The two Beadalon Wire Banding Pliers are:
20&21gauge and 22&24 gauge

Square wire makes your wrapping looking very elegant.

The pliers are very easy to use.  I just wanted to bend wire!

The square wire is part of Beadalon’s Designer series.

It is available in three sizes:

Beadalon Stainless Steel Square 20ga 3m (9.8ft)

Beadalon Stainless Steel Square 22ga 6.5m (21.3ft)

Beadalon Stainless Steel Square 24 ga 10m (32.8ft)

There is also a helpful guide your customers might enjoy; Wire Wrapping: How to Use Half Round and Square Wire.