The Apoxie Sculpt Cane

Here is an an earring and bracelet set using Metal Complex Bezels, Apoxie Sculpt and a little craft ingenuity.

I wanted to see if I could make an Apoxie Resin cane.  This is a technique polymer clay artists are familiar with.

Since Apoxie Sculpt hardens in about three hours, the major difference between it and polymer clay is time.  With polymer clay you can make a cane and still slice into it and manipulate months from now.  I made up a small portion of these five colours of Apoxie Sculpt; Pink, Bronze, Orange, Grey and White.  Here is my very important tip. Apoxie Sculpt is sticky when you first knead it together.  I let these balls of clay sit on my table for one full hour.

Then I did something risky.  I ran the balls of clay through my pasta maker to flatten them.  This is risky, because if any Apoxie Sculpt was to get stuck in the would cure there rock solid.

I rolled all my flattened clay into these two canes.  Remember, it is a time sensitive project.  If I didn’t slice into these canes quick…I would just have a rock solid tube!

I love the shapes I created!  I want to make a marbled effect and I believe I achieved that look.

There was still a little time to press in some crystals.  I will say the clay was getting really set by this point.

A clear coat of acrylic varnish made my finished pieces shine!

3 thoughts on “The Apoxie Sculpt Cane”

  1. These look great Carmi…definitely a time sensitive project! Can’t wait to make more with Apoxie Sculpt!

  2. Hi Carmi, Kudos to you for trying this! Would there be a problem if you sandwiched the clay in plastic wrap before running it through the pasta machine? I would hate to ruin my Atlas machine.

  3. Here is what the company says:
    Aves Studio LLC
    A few tips on using a pasta machine – silicone spray can be your best friend ; ), if you won’t want to use that extra virgin olive oil will work wonderful to grease up the pasta machine – this would reduce that hour time frame Carmi mentioned in her blogging of letting it set up to loose the stickiness, (15-20 minutes would be sufficient before using the oil & running though the pasta machine… Always clean up with Aves Safety Solvent – its just sooo much quicker.~ Happy Caning!

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