The Metal Complex Second Skin Blog Hop!

I have a post filled with wonderful wearable art today!  Welcome to the Second Skin Fish Leather blog hop!

Eleven artists, jewelers and craftspeople were shipped one piece of Second Skin Fish leather along with a metal cuff and our Dazzle-it Leather scissors.  They could do anything with what I sent!  The results will astound you!

Each image links to the artist’s own blog post.  Many have provided wonderful mini tutorials!

Lisa Kettell – Her variations will have you searching through your old jewelry stash!

Charlotte Gordon applied colour and wiring in a way I would have never thought of!

Michael Demeng created a wearable shrine!

Andrea Matus DeMeng’s cuff is both delicate and exotic.  She experimented with heating the leather.

Laura Weed incorporated the actual image of a fish eye!  She was not a fan of the leather when she started the project, but I think her finished cuff tells you that she found a way to love it!

Suze Weinberg went wild!  She made and wore her cuff the same day.  If you go to her blog you’ll see the matching pendant/necklace she made as well!

Lori Mendenhall incorporated components and findings that bring out the very best in the colour leather she received.  Her colour palette is vintage and fresh at the same time!

Bindy Lambell created a stunning cuff.  Her leather colour is fabulously celebrated with this beaded cabochon!

Vicki Boutin’s use of text imagery makes this cuff look like a secret message.  I want to stop and read everything!

June Beach has big and bold embellishments!  Love those crystals!

And finally, we have our own local crystal star Stephanie Dixon.  Leather, metal and some very fine felt.  She has sent us a video!  I am going to try this idea next!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this blog hop!

3 thoughts on “The Metal Complex Second Skin Blog Hop!”

  1. I cant thank you enuf for the wonderful amazing, artistic invite….I would happily do anything like it again ! The designers results blew me away and inspired me tremendously. What a fantastic project idea and what a super great new product! Mor e fish..I want more fish!!!

  2. Amazing. Such beautiful pieces. What a great challenge. I love all the pieces. In particular, Andrea’s, still in her ‘eye’ period. I love how everyone’s cuff is so ‘them’, such a great reflection of who they are. I enjoyed this.

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