The New End Caps!

Nothing showcases our new end caps better than a necklace designed by Fernando DaSilva.

There really are so many lovely new styles to choose from.

This end cap is ideal for projects such as the kumihimo braid Fernando created for his necklace.

This end cap is available in silver, gold and gun metal.

5 thoughts on “The New End Caps!”

  1. Janiee,

    Our goal is to provide to the arts and crafts artist hobbyst or aficionado findings that looks very similar to precious metal findings used on fine jewelry but in base metal so it can be affordable.

    If you are creating a jewelry line using those componentsI suggest you to buy the silver color version and send them to a plating company. You can request them to plate with a percentage of 925 Sterling Silver or 14 ky gold…then they would be perfect to be used onto a more expensive jewelry collection.

    I myself have done that a few times.

    And BTW, that is a belt that also can be used as a necklace. lol


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