Creativity on the Catwalk – The Nomadic Traveller Look

The Nomadic Traveller by Fernando DaSilva

Our Global Chic product line was beautifully captured in this picture from the “Creativity on the Catwalk” fashion shows in the UK last month at CHSI Stitches. (Photo from CHSI) Our Creative Director, Fernando DaSilva designed an “out of the ordinary collection of jewelry that is delightfully different, chic and of course trendsetting.”  Here is a closer look at just one of the six models he styled.  The unique embroidered dresses were hand picked by Fernando in Brazil in January.


Fernando has some global inspiration for this look.

“I was inspired by the real nomads (like in this picture). Women are clearly identifiable with color and I can imagine the jingling sounds created by the bells that are attached to their animals, which are also used to adorn their own clothing. That’s why I added lots of the jingle bells to both the wraparound bracelets…plus channel beads with seed beads.”

he Nomadic Traveller by Fernando DaSilva

The goal of this look was to showcase the tapestry cords from Global Chic collection and our model Sophie Kelman does that spectacularly with her completely adorned arms.  Fernando used 5 ft of tapestry cord for each design.

Global ChicFD-Global Chic-12Tapestry Cords

We have tapestry cords in a grand selection of colors.  Creating a color palette is only difficult due to the many options available.

he Nomadic Traveller by Fernando DaSilva

The pom-pom earrings were added to bring a sense of joy to this look.  

“This woman is a world traveller and Bohemian…she doesn’t take herself too seriously.”

Pom Poms are something we have had in the John Bead catalog for decades.  They are available in many sizes and colors too.  The bells are also fun to work with.

The rings our model wore are from a collection of already finished European jewelry we sell in our John Bead Outlet.

he Nomadic Traveller by Fernando DaSilva

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