The Number 11 Seed Bead – Now In Vials!

The number 11 seed bead is the most popular.  It is used by so many artisans in so many different ways.

John Bead has sold millions of these little beads.

In the beginning, if you wanted seed beads you purchased them on hanks.  I know many of you love the hank, but dislike the strings and the breakage that can occur when people mishandle a whole collection like this one.

Then there was the bag!  Loose #11s.  Easy to access.  No strings.

And let me tell you..John Bead has repriced these to make them even more attractive!!!

And now the vial!

John Bead is packing retail ready #11 beads for you.   There are so many colours to choose from.  This is a brilliant way to make a huge assortment of colours available to your customers.

So, hanks, bags or vials.  The choice is yours!

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