The Road To The Emmys…..

Did you miss our announcement on Friday?

John Bead is travelling back to Hollywood for a second big celebrity event: The Emmys. We are participating with a select group of companies in the Emmys Awards Gift Lounge on Saturday Sept. 21, 2013!  So if you notice a few awards images over the next few weeks on our Facebook page you will know why.

When the celebrities visit they’ll see our mini jewelers studio and they will be able to customize a statement necklace featuring a gorgeous medallion.   The jewelry components we are featuring are from the Metal Complex Instant Glam™ By Fernando and Dazzle-it signature programs. Each piece will be designed and hand assembled on the spot.  That is the time for glamour.

For now though, the glamour will have to be postponed as everyone works hard to get everything sorted and shipped.  Here is Fernando working on the perfect backdrop.  We have some busy weeks coming up!

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