Tooling Leather

You can purchase a full hide or a small 6 x 9 piece of leather from the Metal Complex new Tooling Leather Collection.

A 12 x 12 piece would be great to start a new project.

We even have pre-cut belt lengths!

With the release of Fernando DaSilva’s new Hands on Manual on Leather Crafting we know that many designers will be trying tooling leather for the first time.  Metal Complex makes it easy with a collection of new tools as well.

Kenton Sorenson leather lunchbag, Shourouk-Bon Marche, candleholder by Makesmith, hummingbird necklace by Rosita Bonita, Koru nude necklace, LeatherGirlKelley Designs bracelets, Gildem etsy shop, homeofthrones chair

I have been seeing so many great ideas on-line for leather crafting.  I am looking forward to designing with leather this spring.

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