Tropical Punch Decoupage Bracelet


Fernando DaSilva, Our Creative Manager,  told me he had an idea for a Tropical Punch project.  With his busy travel schedule he didn’t have time to experiment and he wondered if I would be able to give his concept a try.  This bracelet is the result of that idea. 3

Tropical Punch is all about bringing jewelry to everyone by using non-precious materials and developing its wearability. It is inspired by the colors and rhythms of Brazil.  The Tropical Punch collection includes a luscious assortment of Lucite flowers, chain, round and tear drop beads, three dimensional flowers, filigree components, and sliders.

It was the sliders in our collection that Fernando wanted me to try adding some paper to.

Fernando’s concept was just the incentive I needed to pull out some French tissue paper in my paper collection.  

Decoupage is a favorite technique and it would be a challenge to work on a tiny surface.


I applied glue to one side of my slider and then placed a piece of tissue over the surface.


I allowed the glue to dry and then I brushed several additional layers of glue to the surface of the tissue making sure it was pressed into the curve of the slider.6

The glue makes the tissue a lot stronger, making it easier to cut away the excess paper with a blade.  I then applied several coats of clear acrylic spray to the surface of my sliders.


My last step was to glue some gorgeous crystals to the surface.  (The Crystal Katana applicator makes placing these tiny crystals go much quicker.)8

I used additional beads from the Tropical Punch collection to complete the bracelet with elastic.    I think this was the hardest step.  There are so many beads to choose from!9

This is a wonderful project to personalize your Tropical Punch components into colours and designs that are your own.  Imagine using Japanese papers, vintage text or even napkin art to create one of a kind bracelets.


Of course, you can always use the sliders in their original state.  They look absolutely fabulous paired with the beads.  DSC02272

TPBraceletby Fernando DaSilva



We also have a second slider shape we call “hourglass” to add to your designs.

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