Twin Beads Bracelet

I am not a beader…just a bead lover. When I think of “beaders” I think of those amazing jewelers who can create a necklace or bracelet with hundreds of tiny beads and it turns out beautiful.  They can follow or create their own instructions.  They know how to start or finish a section.  They know how to fix a mistake.  As a bead lover, I collect all sorts of beads and most of my jewelery is a combination of stringing, wiring and the re-purposing of old pieces.  My bracelet today is a pretty big achievement.  Especially for someone with no actual bead training.

Lilla posted a great link on Facebook yesterday and I took it on as a challenge.  She found instructions on the Bead and Button website for this bracelet.  I have never made (I mean finished) a bracelet using only beads and string.  I actually followed the instructions!

Excited to start I pulled out supplies last night.

The Preciosa Traditional Czech Twin Beads are now in stock and there are so many colours to choose from.  I started with purple matte terra pearl.

My first attempts were not so hot….I admitted that starting this project at 10pm after a long day might not be a good idea.

This morning I started again.  First set…..not bad.  Not perfect I know, but perfect for me.

Here is my finished bracelet.

Here is the designers.  Her beads are alot tighter and evenly spaced.  If you try making one will you send us a picture!  I am so happy with my own version!

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