Why You Will Want to KLIK Your Projects

Here is how some of the KLIK submissions look once I begin to “klik them in place.”

The KLIK collaboration with Metal Complex this month is showcasing a unique blank bezel snap.  The snaps are just one part of a major product launch this fall of the matching components.  You can see them all in the online catalog.
If you had the entire line to choose from this is what your wall would look like.
Resin Crafts blog readers are submitting their one of a kind designs.  I am featuring each KLIK submission here and on Facebook.
 It truly is an inspiring collaboration!
These are the components I used to create today’s final photo.
More KLIK projects are being posted all week!
About the KLIK Collaboration
Over 50 artists were the first to receive the new Snap Bezel designed by Metal Complex.
They received either the small or large bezel to work in.
These “blank” snap bezels “klik” into place when combined with the other jewelry-making components in the new KLIK collection.  You can see the entire line in the catalog on the Metal Complex website linked here.
The full introduction to the collaboration is posted here.

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