Wire Frames – How Do You Hang or Display Your Beaded Project?

How Do You Hang or Display Your Beaded Project?


Not all the frames have a closed loop to make it an instant ornament.

In order to add beads to the top of the Cross, Sun, Snowflake, Christmas Tree, Stick Figure and Sun  we had to leave these prongs open.  You will need to create a loop so they can be hung with ribbons or wire.

The Rainbow, Icicle and Cloud have a finished closed loop.

As long as you have a loop at the top of your creation, the project can be hung with ribbon, cording, yarn, twine, wire or other fibers.

Most of us already have many different styles of ornament hangers on our Christmas trees.

A simple ribbon through your loop is an easy way to hang your beaded frame.

You can also purchase pre-formed ornament hooks that work with the Wire Frames.

You can learn to make to make a beaded wire ornament hook with 


There are many table top display options using home decor accessories.

There are many suction cup and sticker hooks for glass allowing you to hang your wire frames as a window suncatcher.