December 8, 2023


Refer to Step-by-Step Video (linked below)  for more details!

Tip: In looming, warp threads are the threads that form the base of the design, they’re wrapped over the loom. Weft thread is the thread that is stitched with. It runs under and over the warp threads as you stitch rows.

The pattern used in the sample design is a random color block of two colors.

Set up the loom in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, included with the loom. Warp the loom with 8 warp threads, using John Bead Good Felt Thread.

Cut 70” of Good Thread. This will be the weft thread. Take the tail side of this strand and tie it into a double knot around the left-most warp thread, about a quarter of the way up from the bottom bar. Bring the needle under the warps to the other side (the right hand side). Thread a size 10 beading needle.

Pick up (7) size 8/0 beads. Slide the beads down the thread. They’ll snuggle up to the left-most warp thread. Use your left hand index finger to hold the beads up under the warp threads. Each bead should sit in between two warp strands.

Making sure to keep the needle above the warp threads, pass back through all the beads.  Pull tightly. Repeat this step to add rows to desired length

Weave in the remaining weft thread and weft tail. Weave each strand through several rows and trim.

Loosen the wing nuts on the dowels to release tension and remove the bracelet from the loom. Trim the knots of each end, close to the knot, leaving as much thread as possible for weaving in. Thread a needle onto the first strand and bring it through several rows and trim. Repeat this step for the remaining warp threads.

Cut 12” of 26 gauge craft wire. Thread it gently through the second row bringing it to the middle and then bring each end through the earring connector. Bring each side of the wire back through a row in the loom: bring one through the top row and the other through the third row. Weave the wire through one or two more rows each. You may need to use chain nose pliers to help tighten the wire. Trim with flush cutters. Repeat for other side of the bracelet.

Open a jump ring and attach a lobster claw clasp to one side. Attached just a jump ring to the other side.

Enjoy your bracelet!

JOANN HACKS:  Any loom can be used to create this design.

SKILL LEVEL:  Intermediate


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