December 5, 2023

Compelling and expressive, Cobalt Blue retains universal appeal for its ability to transform. This especially gender-inclusive shade feels both familiar and futuristic, tapping into a post-natural world where AI and digital augmentation are inseparable from wearable design.

The soft silvery gray of Light Graphite evokes a sense of low-key luxury immune to trends and core aesthetics. Timeless and transseasonal, Light Graphite is minimalist and menswear friendly, ideal for elevating tinted neutrals and incorporating more casual barely-there bling.

New Coating – JET ODYSSEY
Embark on a fearless fashion journey with our new metallic coating, Jet Odyssey. The perfect shade of shimmery bronze, Jet Odyssey empowers and amplifies design craft as it blurs the line between hardware and embellishment, creating a distinct hyper futuristic feel.

New Flatback Shape – KITE
As versatile as it is unique, our new Kite flatback fulfills a desire for iconic symbols that can be cute but also glamourous. Ripe for experimentation across fashion segment, styling and context transform the Kite from nostalgic and playful to impossibly chic and modern.

John Bead is proud to be a Preciosa Crystal Authorized Platinum Partner.