December 5, 2023

The project PDF is here:  SuperDuo Ropes Tutorial Guide

In this video, Danielle Wickes is creating a SuperDuo Rope Bracelet!  The featured design has been adapted from an original project and tutorial by Nela Kabelova, as seen on  You can find the original tutorial here:

You can follow Nela’s work here:

John Bead Parts Lists

Palette 1 – SuperDuo Rope Necklace

Colors A and B – Silk Blue Opal, 27888170-276V

Color C – Turquoise Blue Celsius, 27888170-277V

Color D – Limon / Capri Gold, 27888170-309V

Color E – Hyacinth Bronze Iced Lined, 27888170-315V

Palette 2 – SuperDuo Bracelet

Color A – Jet Full Capri Gold, 27888170-210V

Color B – Opaque Chocolate, 27888170-183V

Color C – Turquoise Green Stardust, 27888170-283V

Color D – Pearl Shine White, 27888170-132V

Color E – Pearl Shine Autumn Leaf, 27888170-138V

You can browse John Bead Extensive Selection of SuperDuo Colors here: 


Time Stamps

00:20 – 03:28 – Introduction

03:28 – 27:38 – Starting the Rope

27:38 – 44:04 – Adding thread

44:06 – 56:58 – Finishing

56:58 – 1:02:59 – Showing a Four Color Start, as used on the necklace