December 5, 2023
Class Description

Gift season is upon us and what better gift than a handmade jewelry item, personalized to
your recipient’s favorite colors. In this design, we have provided inspiration palettes that use
the same pattern, changing up the colors for different feeling and looks. We offer five
palettes, and by example will show how you can modify these to be made with palettes you
Odd-count peyote stitch is a popular and versatile beading technique that is perfect for
designs that need a center-point. Unlike even-count peyote, which uses an even number of
beads in each row, odd-count peyote involves an odd number of beads per row, creating a
distinct staggered pattern that requires repositioning the thread’s direction every-other row.
When working an odd-count turn with cylinder beads, it can be beneficial to make a weaving
turn, as opposed to the thread-bridge turn we’ve taught in previous classes. The Miyuki
Delicas line up better if a stitched turn is made. In class we will focus on this turn.
Also in class we will share a decrease technique to bring the ends of the beadwork to a
point and attach a chain and clasp.

The Recorded YouTube Class 

About our Instructor Danielle Wickes
Danielle Wickes is the Creative Director for  John Bead. She specializes in working with seed beads, bead-weaving, and looming, creating hand-knotted mala and yoga jewelry, crochet, and jewelry made with leather and wire.Danielle on Instagram linked here.
Danielle on Facebook linked here.