Bezel Lipped Pendants

The hand crafted bezel lipped pendants are stunning when you add imagery and resin.

For this pendant I selected an image from my digital artwork collection.  I cut it out and glued into my bezel.

I used a decoupage medium (mod podge or Aleen’s decoupage) to seal my paper.  I found this old rhinestone chain in my stash and cut it up to insert into the bezel as well.

When all the glue was dry I made a batch of Jewelry Resin.

When I poured the Jewelry Resin into my bezel I noticed that there were a number of air bubbles that needed popping.  This is because the rhinestone chain hides a lot of tiny air pockets.  I “babysat” the resin for almost an hour and popped any air bubbles that came to the surface by passing a lighter flame over the surface.

One thought on “Bezel Lipped Pendants”

  1. You can also lightly “warm breathe” on your bezel (like you were warming your cold hands outside) – the CO2 you exhale will pop the bubbles…in case you don’t have a lighter handy!

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