Apoxie Sculpt and Crystal Key Inspired by Tiffany

Keys are very popular right now in jewelery and mixed media.  I am certain the “key to my heart” symbolism is not lost on those of us who are sentimental or who just love old things.

My husband clipped this newspaper ad for me.    Knowing me well, he knew I would rather make such a key rather than buy one at the store.  I have dozens of vintage keys already in my collection!

So I mixed up some black Black Apoxie Sculpt. Then I carefully covered one side of the key.

All had to do was embed Preciosa Pointed Back crystals ab(ca#36204) into the Apoxie.  I let this cure for 24 hours.

Now I have my own crystal key (at a fraction of the cost) to wear as a pendant!

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