Apoxie Sculpt and Crystal Moon

This pendant makes you want to lean right in to have a closer look.

To make it I used some of the supplies I have been showcasing on the blog for the last two weeks.  I used both Black Apoxie Sculpt and White Apoxie Sculpt, a Metal Complex silver plated round pendant and Preciosa Pointed Back crystals ab(ca#36204).

I have already written several times about how to knead a batch of Apoxie Sculpt. (I have one blog post explaining this linked here.)   The white Apoxie I pushed into a moon face mold where it cured in 24 hours.  The black Apoxie I used to create my final pendant.

After setting my moon face into the black Apoxie I set the ring of crystals.  I still had some extra black Apoxie left over…so I pushed it right into the moon mold.  I never waste one bit of Apoxie Sculpt!

My finished smiling moon looks very elegant!

3 thoughts on “Apoxie Sculpt and Crystal Moon”

  1. This is fantastic Carmi! I absolutely love this moon face but it is even better set in the bezel like this. Keep these posts coming!

  2. Every day I check to see what you’ve created or what you’re coming up with next ~ it’s pretty exciting!LOL

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