Metal Complex Bezels and Jewelry Resin

The Metal Complex family of bezels are truly an opportunity to create your own wearable art.  Some of the hand made bezels feature a “lip” as you see in the sample above.  Later this week I’ll show you how to use that area too!

I used Jewelry Resin to create my pendant.  The clarity of this resin is easy to see here.

I also added some wonderful beads to complete my necklace.  I could not wait to use this red opal bead!  It is a Czech Fire Polished glass bead and it is available is many wonderful colours!

Dazzle-It has new CZECH F/P 4mm Bronze Metallic beads now.  A great bezel, a few beads and voila!  A new necklace!

Ceramic & Cloisonne Beads On A Button

I have something very different to show you today:  Beads on a Button.

The idea started when I stumbled upon this bag of beads during my last visit to the warehouse.  Have you been in the Ceramic and Cloisonne bead section at John Bead?  These beads are so wonderful..they are tiny pieces of art that should be showcased!

Then I found these button covers (available in nickle and brass.)  Hmmmmm.  Another way to wear these beads!

I knew black Apoxie Sculpt would be the ideal way to attach these beads so they would look like they were floating.  I made a small batch and covered the lid of the button cover.  The second bead I used was CLOISONNE BEADS 4x10MM TUBE.

My beads are now adhered into place.  These are very unique button covers and I can enjoy seeing my beads on a difference surface.

Memory Wire Bracelet

Isn’t it wonderful when you can create something wearable in under 30 minutes? Especially something as pretty as this bracelet?

Memory wire is such a great way to learn how to bead.  For a lot of friends, I am certain that making a few memory wire bracelets is the reason they went down a whole jewelry making path.  John Bead has a lot of memory wire in their collection.  All you need to do is round off the ends of the wire with a loop to finish a piece.  What could be simpler?

This bracelet was an opportunity to use up some of the “left over” beads from last week’s project. I also added in:

1. Tube Facetted 20x8mm Crystal Blue Iris Half Coat

2.  Czech Fire Polished Beads

3.  Glass Peacock Dagger 17x7mm Black Vitrail

4. Grey Glass Pearls

5.  Silver Metallic 4mm Beads

I plan to wear this bracelet with the necklace I posted last week.

I am looking forward to seeing a few of our blog readers this Wednesday!

Pressed Glass beads and Metal Complex Bezels

This necklace features a few of my favorite items at John Bead:  Pressed Glass Peacock Metallics and a handmade bezel from the Metal Complex line.

I can’t walk by the Peacock Metallics without picking them up.  They reflect light and look different every time you see them.  They remind me of a Klimpt painting. They were a perfect addition to the art filled bezel I poured Jewelry Resin into.

I have been waiting to assemble this tray of goodies for some time.  I had some help on the weekend and so much got done!  I will have this on display next week when I teach and demo at the special John Bead event I posted about yesterday.

1.  Ivory Lustered Bead

2.  Glass Peacock Metallic Irregular

3.  Glassy Icy Coin 20mm Gold Metallic4.  LANTERNS 8MM SMOKEY

5.  Glass Peacock Metallic Diamond

The Kumihimo Comeuppance

Come·up·pance  - A punishment or retribution that one deserves;
one's just deserts.

John Bead friends…I have been cut down a notch. The kumihimo gods did not smile on my first attempt to impress you with a jeweled strand.  I had to remind myself that you don’t learn an ancient art form in a day, or a week.  Yesterday I produced a beautifully knotted necklace.  I had pulled out some glass beads that I thought would look great in the design.

I congratulated myself for thinking up a way to make adding the beads to my rattail easier.  (a little tape on the end did the trick)

Since I didn’t have any instructions I went online to see what I could learn about adding beads.  Kumihimo experts all say “drop in the bead” which is a little trickier than I thought.  Perhaps I should have started with a smaller bead.

Disaster!  This looks as bad in person as it does on the screen!

So I went back to the drawing board.  I worked slower.  I tried not to stress when I “dropped in a bead.”

Better.  I still missed a few spots…not being sure when to drop in a bead.

Here is a rope I feel a lot better showing you.  I am going to try this a few more times before I move to a flat braid next!  Oh, and my book order has arrived and I now have plenty of reference material!

Twin Beads from Preciosa – Now In Stock!

Twin, a new seed bead from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand, offers much more creativity and possibilities. 

 John Bead has them in stock and here are so many colours to choose from.

To learn more about this new bead, Preciosa has a wonderful information page here.

I discovered a free set of instructions for this amazing bracelet.  Linked here.  The relatively simple procedure using the so-called herringbone stitch will enable you to try working with this unique Czech seed bead with two holes.

I have downloaded my copy and hope to give this pattern a try this weekend !

Twin Beads Bracelet

I am not a beader…just a bead lover. When I think of “beaders” I think of those amazing jewelers who can create a necklace or bracelet with hundreds of tiny beads and it turns out beautiful.  They can follow or create their own instructions.  They know how to start or finish a section.  They know how to fix a mistake.  As a bead lover, I collect all sorts of beads and most of my jewelery is a combination of stringing, wiring and the re-purposing of old pieces.  My bracelet today is a pretty big achievement.  Especially for someone with no actual bead training.

Lilla posted a great link on Facebook yesterday and I took it on as a challenge.  She found instructions on the Bead and Button website for this bracelet.  I have never made (I mean finished) a bracelet using only beads and string.  I actually followed the instructions!

Excited to start I pulled out supplies last night.

The Preciosa Traditional Czech Twin Beads are now in stock and there are so many colours to choose from.  I started with purple matte terra pearl.

My first attempts were not so hot….I admitted that starting this project at 10pm after a long day might not be a good idea.

This morning I started again.  First set…..not bad.  Not perfect I know, but perfect for me.

Here is my finished bracelet.

Here is the designers.  Her beads are alot tighter and evenly spaced.  If you try making one will you send us a picture!  I am so happy with my own version!

Dazzle-It Silk Thread and Glass Pearls & Beads

This is a little mountain of happy beads!

The Dazzle-It line has so many threads and accessories in it that I would need a whole month of posts to show it all to you.  I also want to showcase the glass pearls and other new components at John Bead.

So I made a few special felt balls to both test and highlight the silk thread and pearls.

I love to sew and any time I get an opportunity to use a needle and thread I am very happy.  The new Dazzle-It magnetic pin pal needle holder has two needles included which are perfect for this project.

I could make hundreds of these!  I hope you like some of the beads I used:

Pink Glass Pearls

Light Olivine Glass Pearls

Pink Luster Fire polished Bead


Dazzle-It Silk Threads – Size D

Miyuki Bead Crochet Thread

Felt Balls – Carmi’s Stash