Showroom Inspiration – Irregular Stick Shells

We found this fabulous jewelry set in the showroom storage area.  I was not able to discover who created it but did want to share it with you for inspiration.

The necklace pendant dangle is just beautiful!  Shells and crystals.

The centre bead I have not seen before but the orange toned irregular stick shell beads I have seen in our catalog.

This is the first time I have seen these shells so artfully attached.

The bracelet is lovely.

Tropical Adventure – Whale Necklace

My pink whale is now so pretty I am happy to wear her this summer!

In yesterday’s post I showed you what I did with three of the wooden pendants I found in my Treasure Mix Jar titled; Tropical Adventure.

I added some crystals and made them look fabulous!

Fuchsia dice shell beads were perfect for this lightweight necklace.

This jewelery making project is ideal for kids too!