Fish Leather, Buttons and Crystal Cuff

These are the samples I made for the class I taught at the Craft and Hobby show in California earlier this month for John Bead.

“Learn how to turn a blank brass cuff bracelet into one of the trendiest accessories of the season. In this workshop, Carmi will be working with fish leather, an innovative, groundbreaking and eco friendly product from Brazil brought to the DIY market by John Bead. The hardness of the brass cuff combined with the softness of exotic leather will guarantee a unique one of a kind finished sample.”

I gave each student a template of the brass cuff in paper.  This made it easier to cut the fish leather.  Leave at least ¼ of an inch of extra leather around the template.

As an alternate, you could cut a piece of fish leather which has some unique curves.

Take the fish leather and brush a thin layer of quick grip across the backside.  Apply fish leather to brass cuff and gently rub to ensure you have good adhesion.  Let fish leather and glue dry for 20 minutes.  (longer if you had time would be best)

When glue has dried you can use your leather scissors to cut away extra leather from edges.

You can also use your template to build/create your button design.

The buttons you will be using are plastic and the button shank is easy to cut off.  Cover the button when you cut so the shank doesn’t fly away…into anyone else.

Glue your buttons to your cuff.  Take your time and allow the Quick Grip Glue to dry for a few minutes when adding layers and working on a curve.

You can glue on crystals if you like or use your hot fix applicator to attach Preciosa Hot Fix crystals.

Your final step will be to glue your ultra suede strip to the inside of the cuff.

What we used in the class.

 75135101-09 – Second Skin 100% Fish Leather Fuchsia Suede

25435001 – Brass Cuff Bracelets Flat Band

75727560-02 – Ultra Suede Cuff Bracelet Fuchsia



438HF300001 – Preciosa Hot Fix VIVA12 12pcs


74509609 – Dazzle-It Hot Fix Applicator with 8 Tips- Electric-Pink

Quick Grip Glue!

Fish Leather, Buttons and Metal Cuff

This is one of the cuffs I brought as a sample to my special cuff making class at CHA.

The buttons are the featured embellishments.  I selected them from these special button jars from John Bead.

The metal cuffs are available in three sizes.  For this bracelet I used the 1.5 inch wide cuff.  I glued some rhinestone chain to the cuff and it allowed me to attach ribbon to the edges.

The fuchsia fish leather is what makes this bracelet look so rich.

I used only one glue to attach everything!

Quick Grip works beautifully with the leather!

NEW – The Dazzle-It Krystal Hot Fix Applicator!

My table looks like it is going to a party.  I am pleased to announce that there is another new tool in

the Dazzle-It product group.

Last week I decided to make some small ribbon charms.  You just need ribbon clamps to make these quick embellishments.

What makes the ribbon charms extra pretty is the addition of crystals.  John Bead has an excellent selection of Flat Back Crystals which are easily applied with their new Dazzle-It Krystal-it Applicator.

The Dazzle-It Hot Fix Applicator with 8 Tips (Electric-Pink) is now in stock.  The eight tips mean you can apply all the sizes of flat backs from tiny to large by simply changing the tip. Just imagine all the projects you have that would sparkle with the application of just one crystal! Also included is a HOT SPOT tip that is completely flat and can be used on any shape hot-fix flat back such as Squares , Pear Shape , Rectangles , Diamond leaf and Pearls.

Here is another great idea.  A few weeks ago I showed you how I made buttons using John Bead’s button covers.

Look at the button after I apply some crystals with my new tool!

I like to make purse dangles with my crystal ribbons.  The ball keychains are available in silver and gold.  I hope you get to apply some crystals to fabric soon….it also is a great way to apply a crystal to a greeting card.

Button Covers at John Bead

I have always loved buttons.  Vintage or new.  Glass, plastic or wood.  You name it, I collect it.  I also really enjoy making my own buttons too!  These fabric covered buttons were made in minutes!

John Bead has a huge Button Cover collection!  The sizes range from small 18mm to extra large 75mm.  These button covers are well known in the fashion trade.

Over the years I have bought my button covers at my local fabric store.  They come with a little tool but you normally only get 6 buttons to work with.  I was happy to get a bag of 100 of my favorite size at John Bead last week.  Now I can make a huge stash of them.  (John Bead does not sell the little tool)

There are many ways to incorporate buttons into jewelery making.  For this post I chose to use a simple wire choker necklace.  My buttons will not move on the necklace because I glued a small felt circle to the back of each button which will hold it in place.  I used E6000 glue.

I have a lot of fabric in my stash to choose from…..I need a couple thousand more button covers if I even want to make a dent into my collection!

Ceramic & Cloisonne Beads On A Button

I have something very different to show you today:  Beads on a Button.

The idea started when I stumbled upon this bag of beads during my last visit to the warehouse.  Have you been in the Ceramic and Cloisonne bead section at John Bead?  These beads are so wonderful..they are tiny pieces of art that should be showcased!

Then I found these button covers (available in nickle and brass.)  Hmmmmm.  Another way to wear these beads!

I knew black Apoxie Sculpt would be the ideal way to attach these beads so they would look like they were floating.  I made a small batch and covered the lid of the button cover.  The second bead I used was CLOISONNE BEADS 4x10MM TUBE.

My beads are now adhered into place.  These are very unique button covers and I can enjoy seeing my beads on a difference surface.