Dazzle-It Wired Button Bouquet!

Who wouldn’t smile if they received this jar of button posies? My only regret is that I did not have green wire for the stems.  I am going to John Bead today to present this project to Lilla (John Bead Marketing Coordinator) and to pick up a whole lot more of the Dazzle-It wire!

For my wired buttons I used 18Ga silver.

Most of us have more than a few buttons stashed in drawers.  If you are lucky you might have a vintage jar of Grandma’s buttons to use for this project.

I start each posy by bending my wire in two.  I keep one side long so that it will act as the final tall stem.

Then I add any number of buttons and components.  You can see how I chose to wire wrap a stopper for this sample.

Most buttons are very light weight.  Even a tiny twist holds everything in place.

I wire wrapped a tiny bulb to add to my bouquet.

And I also added this tiny electrical component.

My wired bouquet is ready to present.  I plan to add a little resin into the glass jar so that all my wires will be permanently attached to the vase.

If you are wondering where to get some super cute buttons, John Bead sells these button jars!

Dazzle-It Wire For Card Makers

Wire is a great embellishment for greeting cards because it is relatively flat and adds a feature that the recipients will want to touch.

My baby card theme was simple.  I already had three cute dresses and I needed wire hangers for them.  My first attempts were not great.  Dazzle-It wire is soft and easy to manipulate with just your fingers…but a few jewelry tools do make this go a lot quicker.

My final three hangers actually look like hangers!

The finished card looks extra special!

Stacked and Wired Wooden Bead

This post will clearly demonstrate how much fun I am having with John Bead’s new Dazzle-It wire collection.  I used 18ga silver wire for this project.  The wire is easy to twist and place because it is a craft wire.  That means it is very inexpensive and you don’t have to fret about mistakes like you would if you were working with real silver wire.

To begin I pulled out some wood beads from a John Bead assortment bag.  Every time I look into this bag I see interesting shapes.  I also pulled out this tissue paper with the black text on it.

I glued the tissue paper to the two big beads and let them dry.

My stacks looked very nice but they needed a little extra…..

German Silver Gilders paste to the rescue!  I applied the paste to the smaller beads to make them metallic.

I needed a stopper at either end and I used these pretty Unicorn tear drop glass beads.  My friend Karen taught me who to make these focal point stacked beads.  She kept saying there was no pattern...to just start twisting. Her beads made it into two Somerset Studios magazines so I had to trust her.

I made my stack leaving room at either end.

And, like Karen said….just start twisting the wire!  I pressed my curves and wrapped the edges until my bead felt very solid.  I used about three feet of wire per bead.

In moments I was done!  I can’t believe how a little wood and some inexpensive wire can make such spectacular focal point beads.

Dazzle-It Wire and Tissue Paper Flower

I have some permanent sunshine on my desk now.

Today I will show you how a few twists of wire can be turned into a pretty flower.  It begins with 12 ga Dazzle-it wire twisted into this petal-like shape.  I didn’t follow a pattern or use measurements.  This was all done free hand.

I twisted six petals and then stood them up.  I made sure that each petal was as flat to the table top as possible.

This allowed me to apply glue to the back of the wire petal and just set it on tissue paper.  This tissue paper definably has a front and a back side. I decided to glue to the back side.  As the petals are light weight wire and can stand up I let them dry in place.  I used a plain white glue that dries clear for this part.

Once they were dry I cut the excess tissue paper away.

I wanted to coat both sides of my petals to ensure they were all adhered to the wire and to make the tissue paper a little stronger.  I added some water to the white glue to turn it into an inexpensive decoupage medium and brushed it on.

Now I just had to wait for everything to dry clear.

I gathered all six petals into a bunch to make this flower…now if I can only find the time to make 11 more…then I would have an amazing bunch!

Dazzle-it Aluminum Wire!

Hello John Bead friends, I am back from a little hiatus.  My home and studio moved so I am just starting to get back to a normal production schedule.  While I was away, Lilla set aside a large collection of new John Bead tools, products and embellishments for me to sample and write about.

Dazzle-it wire has me bending and twisting wire into a whole lot of projects.  The colour range is amazing (I want it all) and the wire is available in two gauges; 12 and 18.  If you have never worked with wire before the lower the number the thicker the wire. It is great for craft projects because it only costs about 99 cents a yard.  This wire allows you to experiment and have fun without worrying about the cost.  If you enjoy working with this wire, later on you might invest in a more expensive silver or copper wire.

Since this new collection of wire is new to me I opted to start this wire series with a project that requires almost no tools….just good hand eye coordination and a wire cutter.  Without any sort of a pattern, I created this flower. 12 ga wire is soft and easy to shape.

The purple wire and all the other colours are lead free, nickle free and you get 30 feet to play with!

There are lots of books and web posts explaining how to make a wired flower.  This is just my version since I wanted to see how the wire performed.

Once I was satisfied with my flower shape I decided I might like to make it a little more exciting.  I pulled out these rectangle metalized beads and some of the 18 ga silver Dazzle-it wire.

I have no special wire wrapping skills.  I thought this would be the simplest way to attach the silver beads.

The beads are floating and even spin now.  I did use a flat nose plier to make my silver wire look smooth on these five edges.

Once I did all five beads I knew I would want to make more of these.  While I could wear it, I think it will be an amazing addition to my Christmas tree this year!

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Dazzle-it Chain featured in Stringing Fall 2011

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