Thread Wrapped Metal Cuff


This bangle is a great opportunity to create a fresh summer look with a few components.


I glued a broken rhinestone section to the blank metal bracelet.  The rhinestone chain allowed me to space my thread wrapping perfectly.


I wrapped the bangle with embroidery floss.  This is the backside.


I used a small section of leather to cover the inside of the bracelet.


Super finished and clean.


Our cuffs are available in several widths.

Creativity on The Catwalk Show – Let It Swing Look

Creativity on The Catwalk Show – Let It Swing Look

Our Global Chic product line was beautifully captured in this picture from the “Creativity on the Catwalk” fashion shows in the UK last month at CHSI Stitches. (Photo from CHSI)

Our Creative Director, Fernando DaSilva designed an “out of the ordinary collection of jewelry that is delightfully different, chic and of course trendsetting.”

The unique embroidered dresses were hand picked by Fernando in Brazil in January.

Here is a closer look at just one of the six models he styled.  

Creativity on The Catwalk Show – Let It Swing Look

Fernando said  “Our model Zoe Diana Parker added poses, drama, sensuality and a strong dose of  “I gotta no time for BS… hello”  vibe to this special look on the runway – she is incredibly beautiful.”Creativity on The Catwalk Show – Let It Swing Look

A long necklace featuring a wired flower by Lena Gillespie of Purple Lace Designs designed to almost blend with the embroidering lines of the navy blue kaftan. Lena’s wire and beaded flowers uses our Tropical Punch flower maker as the centre.  You can see more of them in an earlier blog post linked here.

Creativity on The Catwalk Show – Let It Swing Look

Fernando continued “I really wanted big earrings so I created a vintage inspired chandelier earring set with white opaque glass drops – her high ponytail highlights them.”

They beads have been added to filigree earrings hand set with crystal stones and chain tassels.

Creativity on The Catwalk Show – Let It Swing Look

The bracelets were used in their natural state – just plain blank brass cuffs, but one of them was paired with the beaded charm bracelet.  The ring you see is a finished item in our John Bead Outlet.

Creativity on The Catwalk Show – Let It Swing Look

Global Chic semi-precious bead drops were combined with white opaque glass beads for this spectacular bracelet.  Each bead was individually attached to a finished chain link bracelet.

Creativity on The Catwalk Show – Let It Swing Look



In closing, Fernando remarked “Zoe turned my handmade jewelry into a Rodeo Drive accessory.  I love this look and I loved her catwalk untouchable diva attitude.”

This is post five in our series from the Creativity on The Catwalk show.

Look One – Golden Butterscotch can be viewed here.

Look Two – Wild Boho can be reviewed here.

Look Three – The Global Jet-Setter

Look Four – The Nomadic Travellor

Wired Fish Meets Fish Leather

This metal cuff is the perfect showcase for my wired fish.

Nancy Donaldson used Dazzle-it aluminum wire and beads to create my featured piece.

I knew I wanted to incorporate fish leather into a finished piece with wire and this was the ideal project.  Choosing a fish leather colour was a challenge.  There are so many options!

I sewed my wire work to the fish leather.

Then I just glued the fish leather to the brass cuff and trimmed away the extra leather.  I always use Quick Grip glue for these projects.

The Second Skin Fish Leather Blog Hop!

I have a post filled with wonderful wearable art today!  Welcome to the Second Skin Fish Leather blog hop!

Eleven artists, jewelers and craftspeople were shipped one piece of Second Skin Fish leather along with a metal cuff and our Dazzle-it Leather scissors.  They could do anything with what I sent!  The results will astound you!

Each image links to the artist’s own blog post.  Many have provided wonderful mini tutorials!

Lisa Kettell – Her variations will have you searching through your old jewelry stash!

Charlotte Gordon applied colour and wiring in a way I would have never thought of!

Michael Demeng created a wearable shrine!

Andrea Matus DeMeng’s cuff is both delicate and exotic.  She experimented with heating the leather.

Laura Weed incorporated the actual image of a fish eye!  She was not a fan of the leather when she started the project, but I think her finished cuff tells you that she found a way to love it!

Suze Weinberg went wild!  She made and wore her cuff the same day.  If you go to her blog you’ll see the matching pendant/necklace she made as well!

Lori Mendenhall incorporated components and findings that bring out the very best in the colour leather she received.  Her colour palette is vintage and fresh at the same time!

Bindy Lambell created a stunning cuff.  Her leather colour is fabulously celebrated with this beaded cabochon!

Vicki Boutin’s use of text imagery makes this cuff look like a secret message.  I want to stop and read everything!

June Beach has big and bold embellishments!  Love those crystals!

And finally, we have our own local crystal star Stephanie Dixon.  Leather, metal and some very fine felt.  Stephanie created a video how-to!  I am going to try this idea next!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this blog hop!

Pistachio Fish Leather

Here is a classic example of what you can do with our new Second Skin fish leather.

This is one piece of fish leather.  Each finished sample is one side of a tilapia fish.

I glued my leather to a metal cuff using Quick Grip.  I also used Quick Grip to attach my rhinestone chain.  The chain I purchased in the John Bead Outlet.

This is the first of many samples I’ll be posting using fish leather.  Wait till you see what Fernando Dasilva made!

Second Skin fish leather comes in ten colours.  Glossy or suede finish.

A Brass Cuff is the New Blank Canvas

Here is a brass embellished cuff to inspire you to have some fun.  This is the type of a cuff I would definitely wear!

The new brass cuffs at John Bead are quite elegant in their original state.  But who could leave them unadorned?

For this cuff I pulled out this tissue paper.

I mod podged the tissue to the cuff and lit it dry.

I also applied two layers of high gloss varnish to seal the paper.

Then out came my favorite glue!

I glued to the cuff metal flowers, crystals and rhinestone chain.

No matter what I do with a blank cuff I end up with a fun, unique (and inexpensive) bracelet!