Archangel Legion Necklace

This new project will help you with some of your holiday project planning.  I know many of you start early and this necklace is going to inspire you!  This is a new free project by Swarovski Elements Ambassador Fernando Dasilva for John Bead.

This necklace is festive but discreet enough to survive even after the holidays. If time is an issue, replace the back with an antique chain and you will have more time to spend wrapping the gifts. May the angels be with you! – Fernando

Fernando has created many pieces of jewelry which are displayed in the John Bead showroom.  Some of these designs appear in our catalogues and may have been published.  For those of you who can’t visit in person we will have a regular post on this blog giving you a closer look at the finished jewelry.  Fernando has written all the instructions and is sharing them with you. Welcome to the series we call: Fernando DaSilva’s Atelier. 


Swarovski Elements:

3 10mm Emerald Crystal Flower Sew-on Stones

2 6mm Emerald Crystal Flower Sew-on Stones

3 18x12mm Crystal Beads

2 9x6mm Crystal Beads

5 9x6mm Emerald Crystal Beads

10 ss9 Crystal Foiled Round Flat Back Stones

10 ss9 Sapphire Foiled Round Flat Back Stones

4 antique bronze fan shape metallic beads

10 gold plated TC spacer donuts

20 copper TC spacer donuts

5 antique gold TC glue-in angel wing beads

5 gold plated 2.5 inches long head pins

3 antique gold Bali style TC spacer bails

1 copper 25mm TC beaded ring

1 copper 19mm TC beaded ring

1 copper 15mm TC beaded ring

1 copper 19mm TC spiral ring

1 copper 15mm TC spiral ring

1 ant gold  19mm TC spiral ring

1 ant gold 15mm TC spiral ring

1 ant gold 19mm TC beaded ring

1 ant gold 15mm TC beaded ring

2 gold plated #3 crimp tubes

2 satin gold 2mm bead bumpers™

2 gold plated wire guardians™

28 gold plated 9mm jump rings

14 gold plated 6mm jump rings

4 gold plated TC oval jump rings

10 inches gold plated .018’ 49 Strands Beadalon stringing wire –

1 antique brass extension chain with end drop.


 Side cutter,  Flat noseRound nose  Crimper Tool 


1. Using 2 part Epoxy, glue flat back crystal stones on angel’s wings. Use aquamarine on one side and pacific opal on the other side. Set them aside for half hour.

2. String following beads onto a head pin: one 18x12mm crystal, one wing spacer and one 9x6mm emerald crystal. Make simple loop on top of bead, trim excess wire and set aside. Make 2 more of those.

3. String one crimp tube onto gold-plated stringing wire, add a wire-guardian and loop it through its hole and then back to crimp tube. Crimp it using standard crimp tool.

4. Begin stringing beads on following pattern:

one copper donut, one gold-plated donut, one copper donut, one 9×6 crystal pear bead, one 6mm  emerald crystal sew-on stone, one copper donut, one gold plated donut, one copper donut,  one fan bead, one copper donut, one gold-plated donut, one copper donut, one Bali-style bail, one 10mm emerald sew-on stone, one copper donut, one gold-plated donut, one copper donut, one fan bead, one copper donut, one gold-plated donut, one copper donut, one Bali-style bail, one 10mm emerald sew-on stone .

Repeat on reverse to finish other half of beaded section.

5. Start linking TC rings using 9mm gold-plated jump rings alternated by 6mm jump rings.

Follow this pattern for one side of the necklace:

two 9mm jump rings, 25mm ant copper TC beaded ring, two 9mm jump rings, two 6mm jump rings, two 9mmm jump rings,  19mm ant gold TC beaded ring + two 9mm jump rings, two 6mm jump rings, two 9mm jump rings, one 15mm ant copper TC spiral ring , two 9mm jump rings, two 6mm jump rings, two 9mm jump rings, one 15mm ant copper TC beaded ring, one 6mm jump rings, two 6mm jump rings attached to an extension chain.

6. Create the other half of necklace linking components on same fashion done on step 5 placing TC rings on following pattern:

15mm ant gold TC spiral ring + 19mm ant copper beaded ring + 19mm ant copper TC spiral ring +  15mm ant gold TC beaded ring.

7. Add hook to end of previous linked section of necklace.

8. Open a loop of a dangle and add to one of the Bali-style bail.  Add two more to the other bails.

9. String an emerald pear shaped crystal bead onto a head pin, make simple loop and add to final link of extension chain. Trim any excess wire.

(PS. Create matching earrings using extra findings.)


Wildflower Necklace From Fernando DaSilva’s Atelier

Earlier this week I posted my pictures of this wonderful necklace in the John Bead showroom.  Fernando has given us a set of instructions so you can make something similar!

Fernando has created many pieces of jewelry which are displayed in the John Bead showroom.  Some of these designs appear in our catalogues and may have been published.  For those of you who can’t visit in person we will have a regular post on this blog giving you a closer look at the finished jewelry.  Fernando has written all the instructions and is sharing them with you. Welcome to the series we call: Fernando DaSilva’s Atelier. 


1 – Making beaded flower rings

1.1  Cut a 4 inch piece of stretch cord and feed one gunmetal seed bead followed by one light green dagger. Continue alternating the two beads until you have 6 of each onto the stretch cord.

1.2  Pull both ends of stretch cord and tie a double knot making sure cord is stretched to the max. Make a simple single knot on top of that and then add two dabs of stringing glue on top of knotted area. Put aside and let it dry. Make 15 more flowers like that. (See picture below)

2 – Making metal links

2.1 – Cut a 2 ½  inch of silver-plated copper wire. Placing round nose pliers 1 inch away from one of the ends of wire make a simple loop. Make sure to position wire in the middle of the pliers to make large loops. Trim excess wire with nippers.

2.2 – Feed one metal bead onto wire and then make half of a loop, add one fern green crystal briolette and finish shaping loop on top of bead. Trim excess wire and reserve. Repeat similar steps to make eight more similar dangles and set them aside.

3 – Making beaded links with light green dagger and green delica beads

3.1 – Cut a 5 inch piece of copper wire and make a loop 1 ½ inch away from one of the ends of the wire. Wrap wire two full turns around the base of loop and then trim excess wire.

3.2 – Feed components onto wire on the following pattern:

one spacer bead +  one flower ring + one delica seed bead (any color)  + one checker round bead + one delica, one flower ring +  one spacer bead

Finish making similar loop on top of the spacer. Trim excess wire and set aside. Make 7 more of those and set aside.

3.3 – Repeat steps 3.1-3.2 to make 6 more links using flower beaded rings made on step 1.3. Set them aside.  (See final double link below.)

4 – Creating structure of the necklace

4.1 – Section the chain in four pieces of 7 ½ inch that equals to 5 complete sections of round links alternated by 4 sections of rectangle links. Follow lay out of photo below to create the structure that will hold the cascade effect of  linked components.

5. Attaching all sections together

5.1 The small sections of chain will be used between links to tie the design elements together. Long linked sections will be attached only to the first 4 links from the center to the back of necklace.

Double links made with checker beads sandwiched by spacers and flower beaded rings will be placed between some of the chain sections.  Feel free to create your own cascading effect.

6. Create an extra single flower beaded ring and attach to the end section of necklace like on the photo below.

Materials Used:

10 fern green 13×6.5mm Swarovski Elements briolettes

9 brushed silver-plated navette shape beads

14  green 18mm checker round beads

102 peacock dagger light green Labrador 17x7mm

72 peacock dagger yellow Labrador 17x7mm

28 antique silver TC spacer beads – 94 5743 – 61

130 gunmetal Delicas 8/0 RD seedbeads

60 paladium plated Delicas 8/0 Cut

20 ft copper German style shaping wire

2ft silver-plated German style shaping wire

2m rhodium-plated rectangle/round 30x11mm chain

clear 0.8mm Elasticity stretch bead cord

1 x-large aluminum jump rings

G-S-Hypo cement glue


Side Cutter , Flat Nose , Round Nose

Drops Of Love Bracelet by Fernando DaSilva


The John Bead show room is filled with wonderful examples of bead and jewelry making excellence.  Many of the samples are from Fernando DaSilva and he has provided John Bead with some instructions for some of his most popular pieces.   I’ll be sharing them here on the blog over the next few months.

Author: Fernando Dasilva for John Bead made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS™

Design title:  Drops of Love bracelet

Drops of Love features this gorgeous drop from Swarovski Elements.

What Fernando Used:

12 ruby SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS flat drops  347 6012 1005 501

12 antique silver vine briolette bails by TC – 9695 1945 668-12

6 bright rhodium 10mm TC rivet beads – TC# 94- 5745-12

12 bright rhodium 11mm TC rivet bead caps – TC# 94-5744-12

15 bright rhodium 10mm TC classic bead caps – TC# 94-5722 012

7 antique copper 10mm TC bead rivets – TC# 94-5745-18

12 non-tarnish 5.9mm silver Artistic Wire jump rings – 2280 0505-01

1 sterling silver snake chain– 9609 9000

1 sterling silver “LOVE” pendant – 9609 5061


Flat Nose Plier (745 27312) 


 1. Carefully insert one antique silver bail around a crystal drop. Use flat nose pliers to gently squeeze bail inside of crystal holes. Repeat this step with all the crystal drops and bails and set them aside.

 2. Open a jump ring and insert into loop of bail, made on previous step, then close jump ring. Repeat one jump ring to each crystal pendant and set aside.

 3. Unscrew the end of snake chain, then string beads on in the following pattern:

 1 rhodium rivet bead cap + 1 rhodium rivet bead + one rhodium rivet bead  + 1 crystal drop from step 2 + 1 classic bead cap + 1 copper rivet bead + 1 classic bead cap + 1 crystal drop + 1 rhodium rivet bead cap + 1 rhodium rivet bead  + 1 rhodium rivet bead cap + 1 crystal drop + 1 classic bead  cap + 1 rivet copper bead + 1 classic bead cap + 1 crystal drop + 1 classic bead cap + 1 rivet  copper bead + 1 classic bead cap + 1 crystal drop +1 rhodium rivet bead cap + 1 rhodium rivet bead + 1 rhodium rivet bead cap + 1 crystal drop.

 Repeat this pattern in reverse to complete the bracelet.

 4. Open a jump ring and insert the “love” pendant through the loop of the “l” letter and then slide onto the snake chain, followed by a classic bead cap with the opening towards the end of chain.

5. Screw the end of snake chain back in place.

Simple Square Knots

I did not know that the simple double knot could be used so effectively with rattail! This bracelet features a row of square knots that macrame artist would recognize immediately.  The sliding square knots make my simple piece easy to tighten or loosen depending on who is wearing it.

All I needed was some rattail and a charm.  No glue or extra components required.  John Bead has an endless assortment of charms!  This Tierracast copper Star of David is already very beautiful.  It needs a simple showcase.

Don’t the square knots look like jewels in silver rattail? I have never used this knot as a closure before today’s post.

Mastering the square knot means that I can move onto a very popular jewelry must have: the shamballa bracelet.  I’ll have samples to show in my next post!

Dazzle-It Santa Bracelet

Here is one last Dazzle-It chain link bracelet idea.

I made my own dangles with some red and white beads.

The Santa ski charms I found in the John Bead Outlet….half price!  Did you know there was an Outlet store?  It is open to the general public!

There are so many charm collections at John Bead. This is just one set that would be perfect for a holiday themed bracelet. It is the TierraCast Christmas mixed charms set.  It’s part of the Christmas Past Collection of Holiday Components from Yesteryear. 

Holiday Components

Download the “TierraCast” Christmas Brochure
Holiday CrystalHoliday Crystal Mix SS Earwires Holiday CrystalHoliday Crystal Mix GF Earwires candy cane silverCandy Cane – Silver gold candy caneCandy Cane – Gold
santa silverSt. Nick – Silver santa silver - backSt. Nick – Silver (back) santa goldSt. Nick – Gold santa gold - backSt. Nick – Gold (back)
christmas wreath silverWreath & Bow – Silver christmas wreath goldWreath & Bow – Gold christmas wreath silverWreath Charm – Silver christmas wreath goldWreath Charm – Gold
nutcracker silverNutcracker – Silver soldier silver - backNutcracker – Silver (back) soldier goldNutcracker – Gold soldier gold  - backNutcracker – Gold (back)
angel silverAngel – Silver angel silver - backAngel – Silver (back) angel goldAngel – Gold angel gold - backAngel – Gold (back)
christmas tree silverChristmas Tree – Silver christmas tree goldChristmas Tree – Gold ginger bread man silverGingerbread Man – Silver ginger bread man goldGingerbread Man – Gold
snow man silverFrosty – Silver snow man silver - backFrosty – Silver (back) snow man goldFrosty – Gold snow man gold - backFrosty – Gold (back)
rocking horse silverRocking Horse – Silver rocking horse goldRocking Horse – Gold christmas bell silverChristmas Bells – Silver christmas bell goldChristmas Bells – Gold
christmas star silverStar Bead – Silver christmas star silver - side viewStar Bead – side christmas star goldStar Bead – Gold christmas star gold - side viewStar Bead – Gold (side)
  bow claspBow Clasp Bar Christmas CollectionChristmas Collection  



 No matter which charms you like or what theme you want to celebrate a chain link bracelet is an easy project to complete.  Hope you got a few ideas and don’t forget there is a give-a-way on our Dazzle-It facebook page!



Dazzle-It Chain Link Bracelet Meets The One of A Kind Dangle

The Dazzle-It chain link bracelets are ideal for gift giving.  You can make a personalized piece in minutes!

TierraCast has so many beautiful charms in the John Bead warehouse!  This locked heart really looks beautiful on its own.  There is a key you could add as well!

The charm has two sides.  I created a resin filled mini art piece on the reverse side.

I also made one bracelet featuring a Metal Complex earring bezel!  The metal colours in this bezel range make them a perfect addition to the bracelets too!

This is the Dazzle-It Chain Links bracelet when you first get it.  It is a one size fits all and come with jump rings attached.  I used Brass Oxide today but you can also get them in silver, gold, copper and gunmetal.

This is the TierraCast Victorian Heart Charm I used for the sample.  I filled the bezel with some text, tiny watch parts and resin to create this one of a kind charm.

Have you seen the Metal Complex Earrings?  There are many to choose from.  I used one of the antique brass square earrings for the second bracelet dangle.  I wrote about making this piece on Resin Crafts blog if you want to know a little more about using resin.

Bead Extravaganza 2011 !!

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The Bead Extravaganza held March 11th to 12th was a great success ! Full of demos and seminars, guests were presented with the newest season of Swarovski Elements Spring/ Summer 2012 and got a glipse into the trends for the coming year.  Guests also got the chance to get a more upclose, intimate demonstration of Beadalon products, Bead stitch techniques and Crystal application techniques.

The day started out with Vince Scalera introducing the S/S 2012 Swarovski Elements. Guests received gift bags with a sample box of new products, Innovations Catalog and Trend forecast materials.  New Designer Editions from Manish Arora called “Love story of the heart”. Manish is India’s most popular prolific design talent. He created 5 new heart shape pendants, each one expressing one of love’s different emotional states; Crazy 4 U Heart , Devoted 2 U Heart, Forever 1 Heart , Miss U Heart and Truly in Love Heart.  Astral Pink is the new color introduced in these heart shapes. It’s unique to this collection and to Manish Aroras collaboration.




Vince then went on to New Colors and Effects ; Chrysolite Opal , Bronze Shade Crystal  and Crystal Vintage Gold Pearls.

Chrystolite Opal is a soft, serenley pleasing color that enhances any palette from neutrals through to deeply intense colors. It has a light ethereal edge. It can appear to be feminine and romantic as well as adaptable to more fashion-foward , futuristic designs.



Bronze Shade Crystal is  directly in tune with the strong design trend towards metallics. Elegant and sophisticated, it adds strength and depth to any design. It’s extremely versatile it can be used in glamour wear and compined with chain to achieve a more utilitarian look. The Bronze Shade Crystal is ideal to combine with other Swarovski Element colors such as; light metallic gold, silvernight crystal, silvershade and golden shadow.



Crystal Vintage Gold Pearl is a beautiful addition to existing line of crystal pearls. With the trend of vintage inspired clothing accesorries this softer , natural color is ideal. It also responds to the current and extremely strong design mood for pearl inclusion in accessories.




Blends !!  Blends !! Blends !!! Amethyst Blend is part of the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS “Fusion Concepts” line.  It’s the result of morphing two colors into a seamless gradient shade. Each crystal is different and has it’s only characteristic of blend between clear crystal and color. The amethyst blend is a subtle shading that extends across seasons- winter through to summer. It also suits perfectly the major trend direction for washed and fluid colors.



 Topaz Blend is a deeply warm hue with the appeal of a Smoke Topaz crystal and a dinamic playful gradation. It combines elegance with sophistication . It’s also a crystal that extends across seasons of winter and summer, it offers amazing color combinations with other earth tone brown such as ; light colorado topaz, colorado topaz, smoke topaz, mocca and golden shadow crystal. It also combines beautifully with natural greens such as khaki and olivine.



The Stairway bead is a perfect extension of classic geometric shapes in the Swarovski Elements beads assortment. The straight and parallel cut facets are reminiscent of the staif of a glamour stairway. Due to its rectangular shape, oher elements aligh edge to edge and allow for compact designs and is easily combined with other shaped beads. The bead is featured in two sizes; 10mm & 14mm and 10 colors and 5 effects.




BeCharmed  BeCharmed  BeCharmed  BeCharmed  BeCharmed  BeCharmed


Becharmed Helix Bead- Swarovski Elements collectible charm beads made with stainless steel, are the perfect addition to existing Charm Bracelet versions. The helix cut has  dynamic angular facets and appeal to a wide variety of design combinations and options. It’s featured in one size 14mm and is available in 12 colors and 6 effects.

The enlarged hole allows it to cross over between jewelry and fashion items.




BeCharmed – Briolette Bead is a beautiful in the classic briolette shape. It’s easily combined with the Helix bead or collect all 12 colors and 6 effects.






Guests participated in a make and take using Apoxie Clay and Swarovski Elements Chaton pointed back stones. Participants were really happy with how easy it was to use and the beautiful jewellery they got to take home. 

Here are a few samples of Apoxie clay and crystal work. 


New Selection of Bezels perfect for Apoxie Clay and crystal work.


Nick Regine Presented the many ways to applying Swarovski Elements HotFix flat backs,

 he’s here demonstrating applications with the Bejewler.



Guests using the transfer sheets to create a pattern.


Here’s Pam Arion from Tierra Cast in her lovely booth area. Pam did “make and takes” featuring the new Metamorphosis line. She used leather cording and guests attached charms to the clasp.








Design by Rishma Sarohai using the Metamorphosis line and the Alternatives line.  The Brass oxide and Black go very well with leather and Gunmetal chain !


Wyatt White and Fernando Dasilva were here representing Beadalon. They did a wonderful job at demonstrating all the unique tools from Beadalon. From jump ring makers to wire twisters and chainmaille , they had it all. Wyatt made some beautiful rings with wire working and Fernando.



Great wiring technique using the Beadalon Wire Twister ! Then use the Beadalon Jumpring maker and make one of kind jumprings !


 Alison Savage was here from the Canadian Beading Magazine showing guests demontrations of projects from the magazine.

She had some beautiful design ideas using dagger glass beads and floral patterns.


Karen Fish a bead store owner and designer from Bracebridge was presenting bead stitching tecnhique. She created the Dragon bangles from the new BeadWork magazine as well as showcases a variety of uses for Miyuki Tila beads, Cube beads and Magatamas.  Here’s Karens mom in her booth area.


Thank you all Guests and Representatives for a Successful BeadExtravaganza !!