Zip Tie Tiara Project and PDF

We have a wonderful costume design idea for anyone looking for something fun thy can make from home using one of the most simple plastic products:  zip ties.

The outrageous tiaras featured were all designed by Nancy Donaldson who “zipped” her ties into headbands, spray painted them and added embellishments to her hearts delight.

Zip Tie Tiaras Step by Step

Here is a link to the items featured in the Step by Step.

Our project is great for halloween, but also for anytime a unique Tiara is needed.

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Zip Tie Tiaras Step by Step

We don’t sell zip ties but here is a link to some of the products Nancy used.

Thread Wrapped Metal Cuff


This bangle is a great opportunity to create a fresh summer look with a few components.


I glued a broken rhinestone section to the blank metal bracelet.  The rhinestone chain allowed me to space my thread wrapping perfectly.


I wrapped the bangle with embroidery floss.  This is the backside.


I used a small section of leather to cover the inside of the bracelet.


Super finished and clean.


Our cuffs are available in several widths.

Beaded Fashion Appliques Make a Dull Sweater a Sassy One!

This sequined beaded sweater began as an inexpensive bargain at Target.


What makes the sweater SASSY is the addition of six beaded applique motifs from our Fashion Embellishment category.

The sweater is then lined with wax paper.

There were several ideas for placement.  In the end the “collar” idea was the most popular.

Even though the appliques are glued in place, it is a good idea to do a little extra hand stitching.  This ensures that the applique edges do not catch on anything.  You can also add a few extra beads to your design while hand stitching.


The appliques are available in several colours including gold.


Fashion Embellishment With Appliques and Sugar Stones

The trend to upcycle and recreate clothing continues to gain popularity.  Our fashion embellishment category is full of wonderful options to re-fashion clothing.

This simple project begins with a plain t-shirt, appliques, sew-on sugar stones and some glue.

The sequin and beaded leaf shaped applique is just one gorgeous example.

Sew-on sugar resin stones compliment the applique.

Quick Grip glue can be used with many surfaces including fabric.  I attached my embellishments with a light application and allowed everything to dry overnight.  You do not need a lot of glue.  Just small dots in key locations.

TIP:  Place a piece of wax paper inside your t-shirt.  This will insure that when you glue everything onto the t-shirt that the glue will not seep through two layers – gluing your t-shirt permanently closed.

It is a good idea to sew the resin stones onto the fabric with a few extra stitches since they already have holes to do so.

If you are label conscious, you can remove the original label.  Your new t-shirt is now designed by you!

This new t-shirt is going to be a great addition to any holiday wardrobe!


Halloween Inspiration!

Don’t be frightened to plan your Halloween projects, classes or costumes!  We have plenty of beads, skulls, trims, feathers, masks, sequins and more to make this occasion easy to organize.


Here are a few of my favorite things for Halloween costumes, jewelry and decorating from our Catalog.