Crystal Applicator Tool for Swarovski Snaps!

There is a new tool you will need to add to the “want it now” list.

Here it is:  Crystal Applicator Tool for Swarovski Snaps!

I could not wait to experiment with this tool.  The Crystal Applicator tool needs a 4 piece snap die set which is sold separately.  They are designed to be used with Crystallized – SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS snaps.

After reviewing the instructions I took a moment to label the snap attachments so I would easily know which was the set for attaching the front or the back snap.

I also took some time to review the individual snap parts.

A little nervous, I thought it would be good to try adding a snap to a simple piece of cloth.  I did the front and then the back components.

It worked perfectly!

Look at my jeweled snap!

As soon as I completed my test I looked on my table for something else to experiment with.  I had these leather ribbons already on my table.

In minutes I had a bracelet.  Now I felt like I could apply a snap anywhere!

I pulled out some velvet and fiber enhanced ribbon.  Working through layers would be the next challenge.

I sewed my ribbons together to create a finished edges.

And then you guessed it…one fabulous snap completed the project.

Of course, you could add snaps to denim, shirts, pillows, purses…the possibilities are endless.

My new favorite tool!

Oh.  One more thing.  I did make one mistake. 🙁 When you attach a snap you can’t be distracted. So I plan to see if I can twist these clamps back into place, or I will use this crystal front in some other way.

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