Crystal Lane Brand

The Crystal Lane Brand

An exclusive to John Bead, our Crystal Lane brand features sparkling crystals in a broad spectrum of colors. The collection includes:
*Twisted Crystal strands, a curated combination of pearls and crystals.
*Glass bead double strands (7 inches) for twice the beads in some stunning clear and opaque colors.
* Glass pendants in colors to coordinate with all CrystalLane beads.
*Finally, we have flat back rhinestones in the most popular sizes to add shimmer and color to clothing, footwear, home décor and paper crafts.

Crystal Lane Strands

Our Crystal Lane bead strand collection is a sparkling kaleidoscope of color. What began as a search for some new and unique opaque colors resulted in a brand-new crystal brand for John Bead. CrystalLane is going to fill the need for a crystal collection that is both affordable and an exceptional quality
at our value pricing.
*There are 58 colors
*Two seven-inch strands per card.
*Four sizes and high piece counts.
*Fifth size launching in the spring 1.5X2.5MM

Crystal Lane Pendants

Our Crystal Lane pendants were selected to match the variety in our strand collection. They will add the finishing touch on beaded projects.
The pendants are facetted adding to their brilliant shine.
*There are 20 pendant colors.
*There are two shapes; Teardrop and Oval.

Crystal Lane Flat Backs

Our much-anticipated crystal flat backs are going to delight embellishment enthusiasts everywhere. We have gathered the most popular sizes and colors in this super collection that will appeal to costume designers, skating costume creators, paper and collage artists, home décor crafters and everyone who wants to add a little bling easily to anything.
*25 colors