Dazzle-it Beading Loom

Today I am showing you my very first bead loom project.

Dazzle-it has two sizes of the traditional beading loom and I decided to give the standard size loom a try.  I have been wanting to learn how to bead on a loom for some time.  Later this month I will be taking a class but I decided I better start experimenting this weekend so I am at least familiar with standard loom techniques.

The loom does come with everything you need to get started on a project.  It was simple to set up.  The only thing extra I did was use my own beads since I had two pretty colours already out on my work table.

I was absolutely AMAZED with the ease in which I was able to bead on the loom for the first time!  The box does not lie.  It is fun and easy!

When I removed my beaded section I did find one mistake.  You can see here I missed catching the main string in this section.

However, for someone who has never used a loom, I think my edge work is quite good!

Since I plan to immerse myself into the art of weaving on a bead loom I also started to experiment with taking photos.  I am going to really enjoy learning this traditional and beautiful craft!

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