Design Your Own Stitched Pendant! – Free Class with Michaels Classroom

Recorded Class is here.  (Canadians must click on the link twice)
Project Pattern PDF:  Design-Your-Own Stitched Pendant!  

Project Pattern PDF:  Design-Your-Own Stitched Pendant!  

Live Class October 13, 5pm Central Time

Title of our class:  
Design-Your-Own Pendant!

Description for our class:
Creating your own bead weaving patterns is a fun and easy way to create a personalized gift. For this class, we will review brick-stitch technique and create a diamond shaped pendant necklace with John Bead Miyuki Delica beads. Follow one of the provided patterns, or use the blank palette to design your own in any colors you’d like!

All of our classes for Michaels with links to patterns and recorded class  are here.
About our Instructor Danielle Wickes
Danielle Wickes is a Designer and Content Creator for John Bead. She specializes in working with seed beads, bead-weaving, and looming, creating hand-knotted mala and yoga jewelry, crochet, and jewelry made with leather and wire.

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If you would like to try more advanced projects, we have a Facebook group you can join where we post all our project PDFS.

Bead Projects and PDFs from John Bead

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