Eygpt Embellishment With Apoxie Clay

Did I think I would have an Egyptian embellishment to share with you today? No. I really had no idea how easy this would be to make.

After I made the wire and heart (yesterday’s blog post) I had a little bit of Black Apoxie Sculpt left over.  So I pushed it into a mold I have of an Egyptian mummy and 24 hour later I had this amazing detailed embellishment.  I filed the edges to clean it up a little.

And then I pulled out some acrylic paint.  Since this was a bonus project for me I was prepared to make mistakes.  I wanted to know how acrylic paint would look/adhere to the clay surface.

It is like painting on canvas!  This is only one coat of paint.  The colours all popped from the surface.

So my experiment turned into a keepsake.  I sanded my piece again to make it look a little aged and added a little glitter glue (which also adheres perfectly.)  Lessons learned: you can re-colour anything you make with Apoxie Sculpt!  If I make a white flower and need it to be pink, I’ll paint it!

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