Hemp, Shells and Kumihimo!


It did not occur to me until a few days ago that shells might look fabulous with a kumihimo cord.  This strand of shells is such a gorgeous shade of purple and I didn’t have anything in my collection that would work with them.

For my kumihimo cord I used both rattail and hemp.  I have worked with the Dazzle-It Rattail since it arrived at John Bead.  The colour and size options are superb and I can virtually match any item I am working with.  (You can see that my purple shells inspired this colour grouping.)   I think the addition of hemp made my cord look even more interesting.

The John Bead kumihimo program continues to grow!  There are new tools which include pre-strung rattail on reusable bobbins.  That sure makes it easy to create wearable cords!

I used some hemp and a simple overhand knot to join my shells.

The purple shell beads come on an eight inch strand.

I used my kumihimo findings set for my closure.  I attached these to my kumihimo cord and then to my shells and my necklace was compete!

Hope you like it!

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