Instant Glam and James Lesure

We loved meeting James Lesure at the Emmys last month!

“Named one of the next generation’s leading men by GQ magazine and one of the hottest bachelors on television, James Lesure consistently delivers inspiring performances. Before starring in TBS’s comedy hitMen at Work, Lesure made viewers sit up and take notice with his performance as surveillance expert Mike Cannon on the hit series Las Vegas, opposite Josh Duhamel.”

Fernando and James immediately hit it off in our booth.  He was very interested in all our samples and finished pieces.

We put him right to work designing his own Instant Glam pendant.

He did a pretty good job…but the Master was in the room so Fernando did step in to assist.

James needed the “gluing 101” demo.

He was a fantastic guest!

The Instant Glam arrow necklace looks great James!