Instant Glam and Vintage Parisian Paper

Earlier this week I posted a necklace featuring two rectangle Instant Glam by Fernando bezels.  I absolutely love the size and shape of these bezels and wanted to share with you a second project I just finished.

In the spring I purchased this vintage 1928 paper sampler in Paris.  I knew I would use if for special projects…so I didn’t worry about the price tag…..

I had already poured and allowed a layer of Jewelry Resin to cure in my bezel when I decided to add a few more gold lines and some sequins.  I poured a second doming layer of Jewelry Resin over this second layer of markings.

I was very happy with the bezel after the second pour cured.

My bezel colours were unusual so I decided to create a kumihimo braid to showcase it.  My stringing material included black rat tail, black leather cord and some metallic craft cord.

I used the attachments on the back of the bezel to hang my rectangle.

I finished it with a short chain so that it would be a choker.

This is my favorite bezel!

Jewelry Resin is easy to use.  It comes with instructions and mixing materials.

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